Steel Reserve Review

steel reserve

Shit-faced drunk for less than $3. That’s probably the easiest way to sum up the genius that is Steel Reserve. I can imagine the birth of this wonderful high-gravity lager right now.

“Hey boss?…What is it Johnson? Boss I have a great idea for a new beer…..Ok Johnson, I’m listening. Let’s make a lager and let it ferment for 28 days until it has an alcohol content so high that only the most seasoned drinkers can handle it.” The boss ponders this, slams his fist on the desk and bellows, “Goddammit Johnson! That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day! I’m making you Vice President of Cool.

I’m just guessing that’s how it went down. I have no clue how the beer got it’s name. What I do know is that drinking a beer with an alcohol content of 8.1% is not for amateurs. As seasoned as I am, I can still only imbibe 4-5 16oz cans of this stuff in one night without feeling like I just went through a session of chemotherapy the next morning.

The aroma, as well as the taste, is very strong and pungent. They both definitely take some getting used to. A good way to get around the strong taste is to drink it extremely cold in an extremely cold mug. If you can do this, you’ll be on the receiving end of one of the fastest and cheapest drunks money can buy. However, much like its cousin, napalm, you have to be very careful when drinking Steel Reserve. It comes with a set of rules. Just like a Mogwai. Don’t buy any more than you know you can handle, don’t drink all that you buy and buy an equal amount of Gatorade to drink before you go to bed. The normal thing for hard core Steel Reserve drinkers to do when they get drunk is to drink until they pass out. Steel Reserve will fuck up your entire weekend if you try to pull that crap on some random Friday night. Drink an entire 12 pack of this stuff and you’ll wake up on the liver transplant waiting list.

Steel Reserve is definitely a double-edged sword. Plan ahead and be careful and it will serve you well. Abuse it, and it will chop your head off and flush it down a toilet.

You can find Steel Reserve at any store. $1.35 will get you a 24 oz can, or you can pony up $2.69 for a four pack of 16oz tall boys. Stay away from the 12 packs. Trust me. The temptation to drink the whole thing is to great for a person in the depths of a Steel Reserve binge to resist. Oh, and 222 calories per 12 oz serving is probably another good reason to limit your intake.


  1. ohdear says

    Ohdear. I drink this on and off, depending on budget. Never drink it if you can afford better. If u can afford better, why are you where? Byre. Don’t drink.

  2. Johnnyboy says

    A 211 buzz is the best ever. Anybody who doesn’t like it is an idiot. Great flavor, great after-taste, mellow feeling, and GREAT PRICE. Only a fool would drink anything else.

  3. Blanca Estrella says

    I am a merlot , cabernet, guinness drinker. So when a friend brought this drink I did not give it a second thought! I like good things…
    I love it! They have great flavors! The alcohol level is not as strong and 2 large ones can give you a nice high without getting nasty! You alcoholics know what I mean!
    I give it a thumbs up!

  4. lexluther says

    Hate to say it but I love the stuff. And at 222 per 12 oz. No worrie there. Your not gonna drink a case like coors lite.

  5. alonsovr4 says

    I buy this from time to time. I usually drink ipa’s. I usually aim for a double IPA with a good alcohol percentage. Strongest I’ve had has been a 13.1%alc and quad hopped IPA. Steel reserve compared to all those is still subpar, but when I don’t wast to spend much and I want a light buzz a tall boy is easily drinkable and gets me going. Hurray for steel reserve for putting out something good and cheap!!!

  6. vortec 4.3l v6 power says

    lol this is really good beer, if someone cant handle this, I would hate to see what they do with some whiskey roflmao!!!!

  7. says

    This isn’t a bad beer.. In all actuality I can attest that it does what it’s intended to do with not so bad a taste if a strong flavor is your thing. Doesn’t make people as angry as natural ice and it’s sister beers , while not giving the spins as badly as hurricane (East Coast) or king cobra (west coast)

  8. KittyKatKris says

    Hmm, I don’t know what the issue is, I happen to like it! Middle-aged woman, I’ll buy a 24oz can at my local Circle K ($1.79 per can in So Cal) Just tried Hurricane High Gravity, only 275 cals vs 444, will be buying Hurricane from now on, LOL!)

  9. Eve says

    An aquantance of mine used to drink about 12 cans a night. Currently dying from cirrhosis of the liver. DEATH is not pretty shitting yourself, bloated and unable to move :(

  10. J says


  11. BigMoe says

    Love my “steelies!” I drink about two or three 40s a day and I’m feeling real good after that. Cheers!

  12. josephrummerfield says

    It gets the job done if you can get passed that first 2 then next thing ya know 3,4,5xxx!Yeah after 2 yur threw.

  13. Binge Worthy says

    The rumors are true. SR will definitely get you effed up on a budget.

    I’ve been drinking for some time now, but am usually a binge type drinker. For instance, last Thursday I put away a fifth of Smirnoff Thursday evening, into Friday morning. And in the days before that, a liter of Smirnoff didn’t last too long. I’m currently about 5’9″ and 230lbs. So, I can handle my booze.

    Also, my current favorite craft beer is a Belgian style Tripple Ale that is 9.5% ABV, but I can usually kill a six of that in a night, plus some liquor, or maybe a lighter beer on top. But, that is $10.99 a six pack, and I’m pretty broke right now, or would be drinking it. Plus, I’ve never been “above” drinking cheaper beer when I have to. Besides, if I was a true “beer snob,” I wouldn’t even have given this a second thought.

    So, here I am, doing some “day drinking,” and about to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones, and I go out to get me some 40’s, and on a whim, decide to see what all the hype is about with SR. I pick up 2 40’s, and 2 40’s of Icehouse “just in case.” I’m already riding the 211 dragon, as I prepare to watch some fantasy dragon program sheet!

    Well, maybe it’s my light breakfast of ramen noodles from a few hours ago, but I’m only half way through my first 40, and I’m definitely feeling it. It’s for sure hitting me harder than my usual 9.5% abv choice, but I’m obviously still lucid enough to type this. I guess I’m just surprised how fast the SR crept up on me after only a couple of glasses.

    Bottom line: When I saw the comments, I decided to keep it cold. I’ve poured a couple glasses now, and pop the 40 in the freezer between pours. Good stuff. It’s not the best beer (Mickey’s is my favorite when it comes to malt liquor,) but certainly not the worst either.

    I’m feeling right as rain now, and not sure I’ll be able to get through that second 40, let alone into the other 40’s I got; at least today.

    So, keep it cold, don’t drink this is you’re a noob, and keep the reviews coming. I’m already half way to three sheets a lot sooner than I expected! SR is the REAL DEAL!

  14. Moe says

    Steel Reserve will get you DRUNK! About two 40 oz will get you going real good! Anymore and it’s Puke Ave and then Hangover Central.

  15. Beej says

    211. Is the best. I’m a female. I weigh 130. I’ve had 8 already today. But since 3:30. I am definitely seasoned. But if I drink them fast I get drunk super fast. And…. I’m still small. I was made for 211 haha

  16. Mj says

    I got lucky and last time I scored a couple cans last minute (I prefer arrogant bastard or something much “better” but it’s not available locally to me anymore) they were actually awesome . Skunk free. Color was gold and not urine like . Anyone will tell you with cheap malt liquor there are no consistency guarantees . There are worse malts oit there with less the buzz and probably cost a buck more and for your money there’s no bigger bang in the ghetto beer department .

  17. mary dea says

    Steel Reseve Alloy Series has 32 grams of carbs in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup per 12 oz. That means a 24 oz can is over 2600 calories!!!! Unacceptable. Knowing that, I can’t drink it. It’s fat city in a can.

  18. Bastardo says

    Watched a guy down a few of these when I went on an AA 12-step call. An hour or so later, he proceeded to run to the bathroom. He made it in time to shit all over the toilet, bath tub and wall. Is this what they mean by “high gravity?”


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