Thanksgiving Recipes Pt. 4 How to Deep Fry a Turkey

You want to know why I love being from the south? It's because we southerners can figure out a way to take even the most healthy foods in the world and make them a cardiologist's worst nightmare. That's right, we deep fry just about everything. Corn, broccoli, bacon, okra, you get the idea. I like to believe the first guy to figure out you could fry a turkey was a direct … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Recipes Pt. 1 Grilled Corn On The Cob

Ahhh Thanksgiving. Nothing says the holidays are here like football, food and drunk relatives burning down the garage with a turkey fryer. So to get you ready and to make sure this is one of the best Thanksgivings ever, I'm going to share my favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you this week. We'll start out with the easy stuff like grilled corn on the cob, and work our way up to … [Read more...]