Sam Adams Winter Lager

Picture 24

I've never felt strongly either way about Sam Adams beer. I've always viewed their normal fare as so so and not worth the $7.89 price it commands for a sixer. However, I have become a fan of their seasonal beers. Actually I've become a fan of seasonal beers in general, but Sam Adams definitely caught my eye with their Winter Lager. … [Read more...]

Abita Turbodog

There's absolutely no place like Florida in the dead of winter. I mean honestly, who doesn't love mowing their lawn in late December? I spent all day Sunday working up a good sweat while trying out my new backpack leaf blower. Once I finished the migrant worker routine, I fired up the grill and cracked open an Abita Turbodog. Turbodog wasn't quite what I had expected. … [Read more...]

The Beer Then Liquor Saying Myth or Misunderstood Rule?

A while back we posted a story on The Drunk Pirate about the Beer Then Liquor Rule. You can read, "The Beer Then Liquor Rule Explained," here. (As of today about 57,000 of you have read it since it was posted.) Now as far as I'm concerned it is a rule that is commonly misunderstood and misinterpreted, thus leaving legions of inexperienced drinkers to deal with monumental … [Read more...]