A Four Loko Farewell

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Monday night I received an email from one of our readers calling himself XL Middleton. The email went on to say how he found the site by Googling Four Loko and that he and his friend had written and recorded a song and music video called “The Four Loko Theme,” that was a tribute to Four Loko. A Four Loko Farewell, if you will.

I first read this email on my iPhone and decided to wait until I got home to watch the video. I was fully expecting XL Middleton to be your average run-of-the-mill, college white kid with a guitar making a cheesy video about Four Loko. I was not excited.

What I got when I watched “The Four Loko Theme” on YouTube was NOT a pasty Midwestern white kid with a guitar. What I got was a baller, shot caller with 20 inch Blades on his Impala. I was shocked. Snoop Dogg couldn’t have written better lyrics even if he had been having sex while collaborating with Andre 3000. And the cherry on top was a melody and instrumental that would have made Al Green and Sleepy Brown cry.

It should also be added that Diddy would be hard-pressed to make a video with better production quality. The only thing this song/video is missing is a cameo by Lil’ Wayne or Lil’ John or some other coll-ass mofo with Lil’ before their name.

I may be a 33-year-old white guy from Florida, but I know gangster-ass shit when I see it. And this, my friends, is some gangster-ass shit. See for yourself.


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