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I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the How To Play Asshole post that said it was too slow and didn’t involve enough drinking. You damn kids these days. Absolutely no culture. Since when does a man need a game to help him drink? Answer: He doesn’t. Nope, a real man can get righteously shitfaced by his own accord. The only people that should need to use drinking games as a crutch are girls.(Except bridesmaids and Mormons.)

Maybe I’m being too harsh. Some people need a Ambien to sleep. Some need a bottle of Mountain Dew to start their day. So I guess it’s ok to be dependent on a game to be able to get your drink on. Besides, Nate, Redbeard and I started this site to help make the world a better place. So if you need a tool to help you get crunk, then by God we’re going to give you the means to do so. And yes, I know, I know. Games are fun. So Here’s probably one of the most potent drinking games on the planet: Third Man Drinking Game. It’s kind of like Craps. Ok, it’s exactly like craps except there’s no money and no Ashy Larry involved.


3 – No limit

The Rules

Everyone takes turns rolling one die until someone rolls a three. This person then becomes the three man. The game then proceeds around the circle with people taking turns rolling two dice.

Meaning of Rolls

3: Whoever is the three man must drink. If the three man rolls this then he may pass the title to a person of his choosing.
7: Person to the right of “roller” drinks
9: Person across from “roller” drinks
10: Social…everyone drinks
11: Person to the left of “roller” drinks

Other dice combinations:

4 and 1: Whoever rolls this become the Thumb-Master. They can place their thumb on the table whenever they want. Everyone else must put their thumbs on the table as soon as this happens – the last person to notice and do it must drink. The Thumb-Master can only change when someone else rolls a 4 and 1.

Doubles: When someone rolls double they give the dice to someone of their choosing. This person rolls the dice and if they don’t roll doubles, they suffer a penalty. The doubles penalty should be determined at the start of the game. Some suggested penalties are taking off an article of clothing or drinking for a number of seconds equal to the value of the dice.


  1. says

    I played this game at parties on a couple of occasions in my early 20’s but it never seemed to last very long. Even at that young age drinking that fast gets to you quickly. The less people you have the more you will drink and being 3 man is murder. We had 2 additional rules; if you were 3 man you could not leave the game until either someone else rolled a three or someone took pity and accepted the position, also if you rolled doubles you got another turn and three doubles in a row entitled you to add a rule. Favorite rules always seemed to be no saying drink, drank, or drunk in any form or calling a person by their name. Memories… Thanks for reminding me of that game; it was a blast!

  2. Steve says

    Whenever I used to play this game there was an additional rule. The rule was that if you rolled snake eyes (two ones) or double sixes you get to make a rule. If anyone broke these rules, they had a choice to either finish their drink or remove an article of clothing.

    Popular rules were:
    No eye contact
    No touching the floor
    No names

  3. Andrew says

    Another rule we always had was that if you rolled the dice off of the table, you were the new three man. This was especially helpful when playing with an asshole who couldn’t throw dice straight.

  4. R says

    christy must be a light weight. I learned this game in high school and still play it now(5th year senior in college). Makes for good pregame before the bars, or a fun after hours. I’ve never heard of these rules though. The way that i’ve always played it, and everyone else i know for that matter, is so that three man drinks way more than on just 3, and a person’s turn lasts until they roll a nothing(a combination that doesnt have anything associated with it) the real combos are:

    2 and 1 – three man drinks unless three man rolls this then he gives out three man to anyone
    3 and 1 – three man kills theirself(three man rolls the one dice and drinks whatever they roll)
    4 and 1 – touch your nose, last one to touch nose takes a drink.
    5 and 1 – make a rule
    6 and 1 – thumb master until someone else rolls it, if same person rolls it again, they are double thumb master and can put one or two thumbs down
    3 and 2 – three man drinks
    4 and 2 – nothing
    5 and 2 – seven ahead(person to left of roller drinks)
    6 and 2 – nothing
    4 and 3 – seven ahead and three man drink
    5 and 3 – three man drinks
    6 and 3 – three man drinks
    5 and 4 – social
    6 and 4 – nothing
    6 and 5 – eleven behind(person to the right of roller drinks)
    any doubles – can be given to one person or split up between two people, it the person(s) roll doubles they are passed back to original roller times two, if that person again rolls doubles it goes back to the other person(s) times three and so force until someone doesnt roll doubles at which point that person(s) has to drink the number they rolled times however much it ended up being(ive seen it go back and forth between people 5 times before one of them finally didnt roll doubles.

    sloppy dice(any dice that goes off the table or is dropped on floor during play) – the saying is “drink twice, pass the dice, automatic three man” If the person who commits sloppy dice is not the current roller, they just have to drink twice.

  5. says

    Great game. I play a slight variation, which I actually prefer to what you’ve laid out here.

    3: 3man drinks 1 drink.
    6: Six is just two rows of 3, so 3man drinks 2 drinks

    Someone rolls doubles, they get to roll again. If they roll doubles again, they get to make a rule. This lets the game morph into a completely different game every time you play! My favorite rule: Reverse it so everyone BUT the 3man drinks when 3/6 is rolled.

  6. Lord of Numa says

    Hm… Never heard of this game, but it certainly sounds fun. I doubt I will ever get around to playing it, as beer pong and flip-cup are the only drinking games that I have seen at parties lately, but I will try my damnedest to get a game of this going.

    On the subject of rules, though, I gotta say the toughest rule I have ever played with was when my friends and I were playing Circle of Death on election night. Someone thought it would be a good idea to make someone drink every time they swore… Damn, I was averaging a beer every 5 minutes, lol

  7. john says

    No no, beer pong and flip cup pale in comparison to three-man. Additional rule: Three man must wear a hat. Viking helmets work best. Last time we played my roommate and I broke into a friends room with a butter knife to steal a tiki statue. Highly recommended.

  8. Richie says

    Iv played this game just with 2 packs of cards mixed together – called Foobah.

    Firstly every1 has to choose king or queen.
    Then go clockwise round the table taking a card from the pack and turning it over.
    If a king turns over, all kings drink, if a queen, all queens.
    Aces – everyone drinks
    Jack or 5 – becomes “Ashtray head”, everyone hurls abuse at the person for bout 20 seconds or so an they then have to drink everytime someone drinks
    7 – Seven drinks from down under, you stand up, bend over an drink 7 gulps upside down
    4 – Thumbmaster, same rule applies as previous game
    2 – place 2 fingers next to ur drink an drink that amount
    3 – same as 2 jst with 3 fingers
    6 – weatherman – anyone who wants the toilet or wants to get up or anything has to ask this person, so its a good idea to to be vvv nice to them when they become this – he is like god
    8 – pose master – they strike a pose whenever they like an every1 has to copy, last person drinks
    9 – busterrhyme – everyone starts a simple beat *slaps ur knees twice then clap* – an you do a simple rhym to the beat, next person has to follow straight away rhyming to that an so on around the circle untill sum1 faulters, they drink
    10 – Create a rule – rules from previous posts sound good, sometyms doubling up drinks can be intrestin if your really hardcore *14 drinks upside down possilby…*

    After the pack is over, you play “On the Bus”

    This would need images to explain, but u basically have 16 cards out in a diamond, upsidedown, an you start at the top, turning over a card in each row tryin to get to the bottom. everytime a card is turned over you all drink. if you turn over a picture or ace, you put fresh face down cards over the ones you’ve turned over and start again.
    When you get to the bottom you start again an do this 3 times in total, after this you’ve completed foobah :D

    phew.. that sounds alot more complicated than it is, beleive me we understand it when wankered..

    btw’s im gona try third man, sounds good!

  9. j says

    Best rule EVER. Anyone wishing to speak must do so as if they are singing in an opera. Bust that out after playing for about 15-20 mins and you have pee your pants hilarity.

  10. says

    Yes!!! I fucking love Three Man. My friend Kenny talked about it nonstop but I’m not a huge fan of drinking games so I never played until one night he convinced me. Someone had a labelmaker and made a “THREE MAN” sticker that had to be worn on the forehead. We made the mistake of playing with whiskey instead of beer, and I ended up dropping a can of dog food on my foot, wearing a sleeveless acid washed t-shirt and went out with the “THREE MAN” label on my face. Awesome.

  11. Erik says

    We used to play a simple but far more lethal version of this game. I don’t remember all the specifics, but if you rolled a 7 you got to assign a drink to anyone, but you got to pour how much you wanted them to drink. Very prisoner’s dilemmaesque. As soon as you screwed over someone else, they were gonna hit you back, and hit you back HARD. Spirals rapidly out of control.

    Another classic for getting really drunk really fast was chandelier – the quarters and cups game. I’ve seen guys get the last (full) cup and end up drinking the equivalent of three beers in a few minutes. Great party starter.

  12. Erika says

    I love this game. We call it 3 man. My version is very similar to R’s game. The rules on snake eyes are the best. Some popular examples are no first names, no swearing, no saying the 3 ds (drink, drank, drunk) otherwise you take a drink.

    Playing with shots always makes this game a little more extreme! – If you want to get trashed in just a few rounds.

  13. Tom says

    When someone rolls double you split the two die between two people of your choosing then they both roll. IE low drinks double high
    If the two people roll doubles you drink double your rule

  14. Deech says

    I find that it is difficult to learn and play games that involve so many different little rules. When trying to teach someone at party it takes so long for everybody get it and no one pays attention. This game could be fun with a few friends early in the night, but then again, it forces you to drink so much that it might not be a good idea. I would just play socialbles if I wanted to play a game like this. Or better yet, Landmines, the greatest drinking game ever created. At parties however, Beer Pong and Flipcup are the way to go. Fuck.

  15. S8n says

    Oh shut up. What makes you think girls need drinking games as a crutch? Yeah, NOTHING lol. I don’t need them, and no other girls I know do either. I’ve never even played any drinking games, I just didn’t really care. You owe us girls some beer now.

  16. Brother Poop Deck says

    I play a game like this. Most of you have probably heard it. Good for four or more people. Start by each person rolling a single die. High score rolls two dice once, trying to get seven, eleven, or doubles. If none of those results is achieved, the dice are passed to the next person to the left. If a roller does get seven, eleven, or doubles, that person chooses a person to drink, and fills a cup as much as he or she wants, and places that cup anywhere on a table, around which the players are seated. The roller begins the round by picking up the dice and beginning to roll. The person chosen to drink may reach or move from his chair to get the cup and begin drinking. He must finish his beer before the roller rolls seven, eleven, or doubles. If the roller does roll seven, eleven, or doubles, the round starts over with the same roller and drinker. If the roller rolls snake-eyes, the roller becomes the drinker. If the round gets out of hand, another player can steal the cup if he gets to it before the drinker after the roller touches the dice to begin the round. You can add rules to the game after the dice have gone around the table, for instance. I learned this game as “Seven, Eleven, Doubles”, but more recently, we’ve been calling it “FML” or “Fuck My Life”.

  17. says


    You’re absolutely right. My wife almost pistol whipped me for saying that in that post. Just send me your home address and I’ll gladly stalk, I mean send you some beer:)

  18. says

    7 ahead
    11 behind
    never used the 9 across

    Doubles we usually split between 2 people, and said loser drinks double the what winner rolled, or loser drinks the total.

    We just called it 3 Man

  19. Beez says

    My friends and I always called this game “herpes” for some reason, super fast way to get drunk and give everyone the herpes… 3 man must be the PC name for it these days.

  20. crusty the cook says

    for gods sake, do not play this game with booze unless you are a seasoned professional! and do not be a bunch of dicks and all gang up on one person. we sent some one to the hospital once.., not for lightweights

  21. Lola says

    hey girls do not need a drinking game to drink.
    don’t be sexist. and don’t call me a feminist because of it cause i won’t be offended.

  22. Xantok says

    Well I know there are a ton of variations but heres the one my friends and I play

    2 – Waterfall (every starts same time, cant stop until person on left does)
    3 – 3 man drinks
    4 – I never
    5- Social (everyone drinks)
    6- Categories (roller names a category, first one to fail to answer in order drinks) (3 man drinks)
    7- To the Right (person to the right of roller drinks)
    8- Chug what you got (roller chugs whatever is left in front of him)
    9- Rhyme (rhyme a word until someone gets it wrong, that person drinks) (3 man drinks)
    10- I win (roller drinks)
    11-To the left (person to left of roller drinks)
    12 – Bong a beer (roller takes a bong) (3 man drinks)

    3, 7, 9, and 11 are specials, roller roll agains, 3 specials in a row(i.e. three back to back, not around the table) gets to make a rule, most of the good ones have already been covered

    Doubles are special and roller gets to pass out drinks to anyone and roll again

    especially good rules if more than 6 people are playing I have found


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