Beer Then Liquor Rule—Explained

beer then liquor rule

The other day I was at work and overheard a conversation I’ve heard at least a hundred times in a hundred different places. The subject is one of the oldest and most misunderstood drinking rules ever: The Beer Then Liquor Rule. It’s mostly misunderstood because people always screw up the saying itself, which in turn sends them directly up Shit Creek without a paddle.

You’ve all head it, or variations of it, before: “Beer then liquor, never been sicker. Liquor then beer, have no fear.” This boys and girls is the correct variation of the saying.

The problem with this handy little dandy is that it doesn’t give an explanation as to why or why not one would or would not get sick for not adhering to the beer then liquor rule. But here’s the rub, the very people to whom this saying was meant to protect are the very ones who question it. And we all know who those people are. The college-aged Green Horns. [Editor’s note: Green Horns? Nice one grandpa.]

Their first mistake is they over think the whole thing. Actually no. First, they mess up the saying. Then they use the two years of fancy schoolin’ they have under their belts to justify the order they put the saying in. I’ve heard some of the most complex and well thought out explanations you could imagine. They range from the different alcohol contents combining to create a super drug that intensifies exponentially each hour by the square root of your body weight to various alcohol combinations doing some thing to you that some guy saw on an X-Files rerun.

The truth is anyone who’s been drinking for more than 10 years knows exactly why the saying is true. And it has nothing to do with chemistry, aliens, full moons or anything like that. The explanation has come from generations of drunken experience and observation.


Why the Beer then Liquor Rule Works

Here it is. The definitive answer to the question of life, the universe and everything. Sort of.

Beer then liquor, never been sicker:

Think about the progression of your night as you drink. The first few Heinekens take a while to put down, but as you relax and the alcohol takes effect, it takes a whole hell of a lot less effort to drink each beer. Each new one goes down faster than the previous until you lose count and are just drinking as fast as you can without realizing it.

This is completely fine as long as you stick to beer (Unless the beer is Steel Reserve).

Over the course of the session you’ve increased the rate of consumption, but not the alcohol content of what you’re consuming. However, if you get to that point of rapid consumption and switch to liquor, not only have you increased consumption, you’ve increased the amount of alcohol your taking in by 30-40% per drink. This is where you black out and wake up in someone’s yard naked with one of the most monumental hangovers ever orchestrated by a sophomore P.E. major.

Liquor then beer, have no fear:

Have no fear indeed. This is the preferred M.O. for a night on the town as is the one most associated with getting laid. You start out drinking high-powered courage in a bottle, a.k.a. Jim Beam, which by drink number 4 or 5 gives you the stones to walk up to any coed in the joint and tell her to stay sober because she’s going to be driving you home tonight.

Once you’re good and animated you either start running low on cash or realize that lame line actually might have worked and you switch to beer. Like before, your rate of consumption has increased. However, the amount of alcohol consumed per drink has decreased by 30-35%. You’re essentially weaning yourself from Jim Beam’s vicious teat, thus keeping enough of your wits about you to be able to show the aforementioned coed which driveway to park in and ensuring that the only nasty thing you wake up with is in the bed next to you.


  1. says

    Alcohol by far is one of the most boring drugs man has ever known and it seems that our consumption habits are totally defined by our culture and by the greed of companies that produce liquor of all sorts. In drinking cultures getting sick the next morning is like becoming a local hero and no one usually asks themselves why one drinks in first place….

  2. says

    this is very true ive had multiple occasions where i have fucked up and drank beer before liquor and thrown up its not fun and i dong plan to do it again lol this time it will be liquor before beer

  3. Jay says

    Hey thanks man ! Great post !! Just makes so much sense. I am going to give your theory a whirl right now. I have had a few beers under my belt. I am trying Redbull with Bacardi now. I’ll remember your post and drink really, really slowly. Let’s see how that goes.

  4. Brandon Pszanka says

    I’ve tried this theory and had it work. Unfortunately, by the time I switched to beer..I was far to drunk already lol

  5. Kay says

    Oh, so if you’re not a heavy drinker or a lightweight this rule doesn’t apply? I just had a hard cider (not sure if that counts as beer) and some vodka. Stopped now and hoping I don’t get sick!

    I didn’t drink much til I was done with college. Even now its very rare.

  6. Kate says

    Thanks for this! I prefer whiskey, but I do like to socially drink beer with food at social gatherings. A lot of times, a cookout turns into a night out. With your advice, I’ll skip the beer and double up on water, which is always a better option anyway, just in case. Man, I do love a party that turns into an after, after, after

  7. JoDrinksaFew says

    Ok, the saying (as I always knew it, and seems to make more sense): Liquor before Beer never fear; Beer before liquor never sicker! I know they mean the same thing, but your saying can make the un-initiated confused (esp. after a few sips of liquor :)).


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