The 8 Best Hangover Cures Ever

Hangover Cures

Hangovers are proof that God has a sense of humor. A very sick and twisted sense of humor. Hopefully on my judgment day when St. Peter or whoever is showing me all the bad things I’ve done, he’ll give me credit for all the epic hangovers I’ve endured.

When I was younger I used to view hangovers as punishment, hence the reason that I used to make bargains with the Almighty that if he would just make me feel better I would never drink again. If I had a dollar for every time I tried that route I could probably put a stripper through at least one semester of college.

As I got older and wiser I knew that after a hard night of drinking that began with a bottle Jack Daniels and ended with Jose Cuervo, I would be met not with punishment, but rather a challenge. I knew I was going to feel like a big bag of shit. The only question was for how long and how big of a bag. How do I get rid of the infamous hangover?

Over the years I’ve tried just about every technique, snake oil and just plain retarded idea you can imagine to not only get rid of, but prevent a hangover. So today I’ve decided to share some of the best and worst hangover remedies I’ve come across through the years. Read that last sentence again very carefully. I’m only going to talk about hangover remedies that I have personally tried. I know some ass hat is going to come up with some crazy shit in the comments section like “You didn’t talk about drinking the pee of a lactating Alpaca while sticking a carrot up your ass.” I know I didn’t. Because I’ve never tried that. I don’t have any carrots. Or “The only thing that gets rid of a hangover is time.” Yes, this is true. But letting something run its course isn’t curing it. How about next time you get cancer you just give it some time. Tell me how that works out.

So lets get on with the show.

What is a hangover? Put simply it is you being really dehydrated. It takes tons of water to filter alcohol out of your body after a night of drinking Boone’s Farm from the bottle. So the best hangover cures are the ones that hydrate your body as quickly as possible. I’m not going to include water in this list because any dumbass knows you should drink as much water as possible when your sick in any way.

64 oz of lemon lime prevention

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That being said this is probably the best hangover cure I know of and is my current go-to move. If you know you’re going to make like a nail tonight and get hammered, be sure to swing by the store and pick up a 64 oz. lemon-lime Gatorade before hand. The trick is to drink the entire bottle before you go to bed. Don’t put it into the fridge either. It’s impossible to drink 64 ounces of 40 degree Gatorade in one sitting. Instead just leave it on the counter, or better yet on your pillow so you don’t stumble into your room and forget to drink it. The high-fructose corn syrup used to sweeten the Gatorade also counteracts the chemical in your brain that tells you your full and will allow you to drink the entire bottle. And why lemon-lime Gatorade? Because if you’re a puker it won’t stain anything.

The Waffle House

This is another prevention one. If you didn’t have enough sense to eat before you went out drinking you should definitely eat before you pass out. No food in the belly means low blood sugar when you wake up that in turn means you go from bad hangover to really bad hangover. And lets face it, it’s much better to have something to throw up rather than dry heave until your asshole hurts. And why the Waffle House? The waffle house is kind of like Las Vegas. They welcome a drunk who has no concept of money or sticking to a budget. I’ve personally dropped more than $50 for food I didn’t eat on more than one occasion.

General Tso’s Chicken

This one is in case you didn’t follow the Waffle House advice. As mentioned before, low blood sugar will magnify a hangover. Genereal Tso’s is like jet fuel to your body. The pork fried rice has enough carbs to kill a horse on Adkins. The chicken itself has tons of protein and sugar which will make you feel like a million bucks. (I have no scientific reason for this. It just does.) And talk about energy! At 1700 calories, the average General Tso’s combo has enough calories to last your anorexic girlfriend a week

Ride that donkey

If you played your cards right last night, there’s a good chance there’s something sleeping next to you that resembles a girl, and she most likely feels like she was run over by the same truck that you were. What you both need is a good ol’ shot of endorphins. The temporary high produced by the endorphins released during sex will be the pick me up you need to get your ass out of bed. Just make sure you wake her up first.


I can handle the headache. It’s the nausea that kills me with a hangover. In case you don’t know it, Cannabis is prescribed to cancer patients in some states as a cure for nausea. Now I know that if you’re the type of drinker you say you are, chances are you have a friend who’s a pot head. Snag a doobie from him and stick it in a safe place (freezer) for the next time you have one of those nausea hangovers. You can wake up, take a few hits, and then eat your General Tso’s. Be warned: Don’t get too high. Being high and hungover is not fun.

Hair of the dog

This is probably the most well known cure. It’s also the dumbest unless you don’t have anything productive to do the rest of the day. I mean seriously, if you wake up and start drinking again you’re just adding fuel to the fire. Sure you’ll feel better because you’re drunk again. As soon as you stop drinking you’re back to square one again. So avoid this tactic unless you plan on drinking and watching football all day anyway.

The pick me up concoction

I learned this one working the Sunday brunch shift at Applebee’s, so listen up food servers and bartenders. take a coffee cup and fill half full with coffee. Add about 5 packets of sugar and stir. As soon as you’re done stirring go to the soda fountain and fill the cup the rest of the way with coke. You have to drink the entire thing immediately or it will foam all over the place. One of these every hour or so will help you get through the shift without slapping the shit out of the lady who keeps asking for condiments one by one

Go to the gym

Ok. You’re hungover. Why? Because your body is full of toxins. It’s time to evict those dirty little bastards. Make your way to the gym and find an open treadmill. Pick a moderate pace and you’ll start sweating almost instantly. 20 minutes should have you feeling like a champ. Oh, DO NOT FORGET TO BRING A WATER BOTTLE AND DRINK IT WHILE YOU RUN. As funny as it would look, you don’t want to pass out from dehydration on a treadmill.

So there you have it. The 8 best hangover cures I know of. If you know of any good ones I should try then by all means outline them in the comments section. I’ll do my best to try each one and review it in a “user submitted hangover cures” post.


  1. says

    Let’s get serious for a moment for the most part a hangover means you drank too much the night before and if you continue this path for decades you will most likely end up with brain damage (Ever noticed your brain does not seem to work right during a hangover?) and early onset Alzheimers.
    The cure is do not drink so much next time! I have been drinking/ buying my own beer for 32 years now and so I am a little experienced in this game. Do not buy a liter bottle of liquor on Friday thinking it will last all weekend. I used to do this when I was in my twenties and would drink the whole damn thing Friday by myself and wake up Saturday hungover as hell with no liquor left. I learned that not drinking liquor at all severely limited the hangover severity.
    Yes drink lots of water and in the middle of the night eat aspirin-it thins the blood, alcohol thickens the blood. Acetomenophen the chemical in Tylenol, Nyquil and many other cough remedy meds. will tear up and shut down your liver (Just read warning label on the side of the box-it says if you drink 3 or 4 alcoholic drinks you should consult a physician before taking acetomenophen and that is serious.) Pedialyte, gatorade, orange juice, grapefruit juice and low sodium V-8 all have water and potassium as well as other beneficial ingrediants which are important for hydration.
    Yes weed is a really good way to get rid of a hangover unfortunately I have not been able to find it for the last 13 months, but fortunately I can now pass all drug tests for employment.
    Eat before during and after at least before and after you drink. Drink water all day long and especially right before you drink, while you drink and after you drink. The worst hangovers come from eating nothing and drinking no water epsecially right before going to bed.
    Drinking until you do not remember and pass out and (maybe)pee yourself is the most worst form of drinking that should be avoided at all costs.
    Back to being serious, are you planning on dying before you reach 30, then go on drinking like a thirsty fish and wake up with a hangover every morning. Do you want to make it past 50 with a good memory and a healthy brain then do not wake up with a hangover everytime after you drink, that means do not drink every day and slow way the hell down.

  2. Brenda says

    Ativan works wonders if you can get ahold of it. For me, it is much less sedating than Xanax or Valium, so you can actually function. A banana bag and oxygen are close seconds.

    Otherwise, weed works well for most people, but it can also mess with your head in your hungover state (it has with me, it was not pretty.) A shot or two if Nyquil helps– pain killer, sedative, and a touch of alcohol all in one. As a preventative, I’ve read that some people take activated charcoal tablets to soak up the alcohol. I’ve never tried it, but it seems like an interesting idea.

  3. anon says

    you really can’t beat benzos, especially xanax. pop one when you wake up, eat a nice big breakfast and keep hydrated and you’ll feel completely normal the whole day. if it makes you drowsy, have a cup of coffee

  4. says

    The only way to cure a hangover is to drink your body isn’t just dehydrated. Your going through withdrawals and you need to give your body what it’s craving! This is why the bloody Mary is so popular for hangovers.

  5. jeremy says

    hollly crap someone else has drank pocari sweat in ths world that stuffff is awesome

  6. krob says

    The only cure thats ever worked for me is drink a fuck ton of water when you get home, and then eating spaghetti with red sauce (this probably seems weird but I tried it one night when I had left over spaghetti and I seriously felt fantastic the next morning. The tomatoes maybe?)

    The next morning you’ll just be tired and hungry, maybe a headache. Some aleve, the movie Beerfest and fast food = always the cure.

  7. John says

    Tried everything in the book. I’m a physician so I know a little about the science and I’ll share with you. This is what I found to be the best cure (at least for me).

    1) Modesty: I know I know, sounds like those cheesy “abstinence is best cure for pregnancy” lines. But its true, if you have a drink force yourself to wait 30-60 minutes before another one. That way you can judge your level of shit face-ness. Plus what girl would want to talk to a guy who sentence formation is equivalent to a retarded 3 year old.

    2) Hydration… Yeah you know this one. You just need H20 nothing fancy. The more the better, the earlier the better.

    3) Now some science. Majority of hangover is from acetaldehyde accumulation. Its a nasty molecule that builds up rapidly in your bloodstream after ethanol metabolism. Just ask some Asians about it. Or ask some dude who takes antabuse. You can’t stop its production but you can increase its metabolism and elimination. Take NAC before and after drinking. Milk thistle works well too. But NAC is key. Elimination is simple, drink a lot of fluids so you pee a lot (see #2).

    4) B complex before and after you drink. Don’t go crazy though, in high doses the side effects will intensify a hangover (Nausea/vomiting).

    5) Carbs, preferably starchy carbs. Wheat bread is ideal. Even more ideal, eating it before you drink, before you sleep, and after you wake up. Don’t do the whole pizza/pasta/Chinese food crap. It will just make you fat. You don’t need 1000 calories, just a sustainable release of clean carbohydrates. Plus who wants to be fat?

    6) For GI upset… zantac for the heart burn and quesiness. If you have GERD (like me) a PPI like omeprazole is a must. Yes greasy foods will probably help relieve alcohol induced ileus. But again the fat content is not worth it (see #5).

    7) For headache DO NOT TAKE Tylenol. Its metabolized by the liver. Best to leave your liver alone, let it do its thing on those nasty toxins. Stick to NSAIDs. I like naproxen (aleeve) because it lasts 12 hours. Ibuprofen (motrin) lasts 8 hours. Mobic is even more ideal (24 hrs) but its prescription. Take an NSAID before you sleep. Avoid caffeine if you have a headache unless you drink it daily. Don’t overdo the NSAIDs as they cause GI upset (see #6).

    8) Workout if you can stomach it. Sweating out the toxins sounds good but its not the real reason you feel better. Increased cardiac output equals increased perfusion to liver and kidneys. Without getting into physiology, this rapidly speeds up the healing.

    So in summarty:

    Drink modesty, eat Wheat bread, NAC (probably best kept secret), B complex vitamins, fluid, NSAIDs, zantac, workout in am, and don’t be a douche bag at the bar.

    Nothing will completely eliminate a hangover, but do this and they will be minimal and short lived. For a relentless mind crushing hangover, the only thing that will work are benzos (valium, zanax, clonipin) and sleep. But as a physician I’d advise you not to take them.

    Also please don’t waste your money on those “hungover” pills/drinks. They’re garbage. Yes, you heard me. Garbage.

    Why did I just waste 20 minutes writing this, no idea. But I can tell you that I drank pretty “modestly” yesterday and I have 0 hangover today..

  8. Yeshwin says

    I have seen a couple of pills of herbal formulation called Liv-52 taken before drinking rapidly eliminates alcohol byproducts from your system and makes you feel better. Wake up early, and a nap later also makes you feel better. Of course, the trick is hydration.

  9. peter says

    Take 2 raw eggs, a banana, 5 teaspoons sugar, 1 apple, 1 cup of coconut milk, 1 teaspoon salt and put it in a blender

  10. danny< alcapwne says

    Omg methanol is toxic. Just drinking a small amount will make you go blind or shut down a kidney. Thats why you cant get drunk off hand Sanitizer. Youll die before you feel any “buzz”. And honesty, just fliter water between each drink, ans fire off a few knuckle children in the morning. Youll be fine. ;)

  11. devbo says

    Think about what you drink the night before. Many impurities cause the hangover effects for example wine is very impure.. so put that rum and coke down and pick up a gin and tonic.

  12. Melissa says

    I’ve had many hangover starting from when I was 16 trying to hold a job and keep my A grade average. The weed yes sometimes it will work I’ve tried it. When I turned 17 and I had a killer hangover my mom made this drink before she got on with her lecture. It really helped. I think all she did was get a tall glass and cracked a raw egg (yes a raw egg don’t cook it) and some cranberry juice. It’s not the tastiest thing in the world but it helps.I do not recommend it after every hangover because raw eggs are not good for you haha.

  13. says

    The hangover cures mentioned here are cool. But checkout this amazing hangover cure PRE|GAME. PRE|GAME is a complex blend of anti-oxidants, electrolytes, and vitamins designed to help the body detoxify, rehydrate and replenish essential nutrients to help prevent a hangover.

  14. says

    I love drinking alcohol. But when I drink in excess it leaves a terrible hangover which I hate. I have tried most of the cures mentioned here. Drinking a lot of liquids always helps.

  15. 73A37 says

    Don’t know what you would call this but it’s a Wisconsin-style remedy for a Wisconsin-sized hangover, in which you find yourself in shambles.

    In one glass mix:

    One beer
    One shot vodka
    One shot Jameson
    One raw egg

    Tastes like candy. If your vag gets sandy, chase it with some pickle juice.

    Having sex really snaps you out if it too, but sometimes it is hard to convince a girl of that when she is hung over and doesn’t want to move. But if you can get it in, you’ll be feeling better in no time. You probably owe it to her anyways for the sloppy round you most likely fired in her hair the night before.

    I have nothing against weed of course but if you ask me it always just made me thirstier than I already was. Vitamin water will cure the headache but prepare for a really sloshy feeling stomach. This drink helps the stomach and headache problems every time, and I’m hung over at least 3 times a week.


  16. Amanda says

    You want to rehydrate with a drink heavy laden with electrolytes, here are THE BEST options, and you can find them at any grocery store and stock up on them:
    FUZE – Banana Colada
    Vitamin Water – Revive
    100% natural coconut water
    Orange Juice with pulp

    Sure, powerade or gatorade will work in a pinch, but they aren’t nearly as good as these other drinks.

    Get yourself a box of Emergen-C multivitamin packs. Empty 2 packets into one of those beverages and chug away.

    Consume an Icee or a ton of popsicles. The sugar and cold will help provide relief.

    Take ibuprofen/tylenol if needed.

    Cook yourself a fried egg somewich or order some chinese food to be delivered.

    If you are fortunate enough to have a benzo like xanax, klonopin or ativan, they are marvelously helpful and will relieve the “shakes” and physical unsteadiness and help with nausea some too.
    .50mg of xanny is just enough for most people, and is unlikely to knock you out. Lie down and relax.

    Avoid smoking (unless it’s weed), heat, and strenuous activities. You could easily pass out or get dangerously dizzy from it.

  17. Jessica says

    Always eat something greasy before going out partying. When you wake up take 2 aspirin and drink 12 ounces of not from concentrate unsweetened coconut water. Go back to sleep for an hour and you’ll feel like a million bucks.

  18. Nurseginger says

    Okay, there are some exceedingly stupid people on here. One- DO NOT ever use a tanning bed!? Ever!!!!!! Jesus Christ would slap you in the face. Tanning beds pull moisture out of your skin, therefor dehydrating you FURTHER! Stfu and go back to enjoying your skin cancer. If you MUST do something that involves sweating, sauna or exercise. Two- pot will help but it is not the END all of hangover cures. Best thing to do, prevent the hangover in the first place. Eat something before you drink, drink large amounts of water all night, before bed, chug a gatorade, take two Tylenol, 2 vitamins, and in the morning if that still hasn’t done the trick, toke it up, and eat a greasy breakfast. You know how I know this? Bc I am a NURSE and I am Scottish and can drink more whiskey than anyone I know which means I have had some truly epic hangovers. But, whatever youdo, don’t listen to the dumb bimbos up there with the tanning addictions!!!!

  19. Ceci says

    Holy shit! It takes a lot to make me laugh, but this blog was hilarious! Very informative nonetheless

  20. Kristin says

    It sounds awful, but I’ve started leaving one open can of beer out all night and drinking it as soon as i wake up….its hot and flat and disgusting but it works.

  21. says

    Hit the sauna the next day at the gym. Bring an assload of water with you to drink in there. You’ll sweat all the alcohol out and feel like a million bucks in 30mins.

  22. Chemist Chris says

    Storing your cannabis in a freezer is a bad idea. It actually reduces the potency by making the trichromes (the crystals on the buds which are rich in THC) become brittle and fall off. It’s best to store it in a sealable air tight jar.

  23. yeah says

    ibprofin or advil are not the best idea before going to bed. you’re only adding to tearing away the lining of your stomach. thats why they say dont take after having more than 3 alcohol drinks. plus, the effects will wear off by morning, leaving you nowhere closer to cured. just take them in the morning when you have the headache, or early in the morning before finally waking up.

    Three best items:

    1. Water, before bed, at least two glasses. Leave a full glass next to your bed.

    2. Banana, replenish your potassium supply. before bed or in the morning

    3. Plenty of sleep.

    4 (bonus!). If you wake up in the morning and cant go back to sleep, have sex, you’ll feel better and go right back to sleep !

  24. Brian says

    A good, spicy Bloody Mary always does it for me; and it’s not so alcohol-laden that you can’t be productive.

  25. Rob says

    Dam, reading all this makes me thirsty and hungary. I have tried eating before going to bed and also making sure I have Gatorade on hand when I wake up the next day.oops! I mean later that day.

    I finally found something now that is better than anything I ever tried and its called Texas Hangover Cure. It’s all natural with vitamins and comes in a easy single serving pack. Just mix with water before bed after drinking and you feel great the next day.Oh by the way it taste awsome. Hope this helps.

  26. Ghetto says

    This made me laugh. I think humour helps a hangover for sure!

    My way: ( for a slight hangover )
    Fresh coconut water
    Water with lemon
    Rest and peace
    More food
    More sex!

  27. says

    I had a big night out yesterday on an empty stomach and it ended with throwing up and leaving my $700 phone in the cab and loosing a hot girls number. Dammit.

    I’m going to try the weed method and hitting the pool. To prevent hangovers I usually eat before drinking, eat McDonalds after drinking and finish all the fries, drink a bunch of water before going to bed a voila.

  28. Rick says

    Hey guys! For anyone who’s wandering if NoGlo is a scam or not – it’s not. At first I had my doubts, but after a few weeks of taking it, not only do I have more energy when working out, but I no longer look like my face is about to burst when I have a couple of drinks with my friends.

  29. JJ says

    I tried the having sex thing, but the problem with that is that my husband is a hungover as I am and his penis never works, leading to a lot of self-loathing and doubt and a feeling of not winning but losing. Also I think that potassium pills that I bought from the drugstore are an instant cure for when you have the DT’s bad and your heart is racing like a fucking horse. I hope that someone reads this and takes my advice.

  30. BigStevie says

    Do not put weed in the freezer. It doesnt turn out well, u end up with soggy rotten weed

  31. nick says

    Sleep.. Sleep the hell out of that hangover.. Also I have eaten 2 large bananas and drank an 8 oz bottle of water before bed and woke up early in the morning ready for what anyone could be ready for..thats after drinking a 12 pak and a couple of shots.. I have found also that if you have crazy sex, you will feel worse, something to do with expending energy that is already expending.. so forget sex or deal with the headache and naseau

  32. Rachael says

    This is hands down the funniest list of remedies I’ve seen. Feel miserable today and googled hangover cures. Stumbled across yours and laughed until stomach hurt. Add laughter to your list:)

  33. Eric says

    After a night of booze and drug fueled raging at a Phish concert, I discovered that my personal favorite is a cocktail of an opiate, a benzodiazepine, some good indica bud, and a Bloody Mary. The best opiate and benzo combination is Suboxone and valium because of their long half lives. Mix those 4 and you’ll be nice and cozy while the bad stuff gets out of your system. Of course you probably shouldn’t go to work under the influence of these substances, so do yourself a favor and avoid drinking on work nights :)

  34. Mike says

    “Being high and hungover is not fun”…what the fuck? This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. I’m actually high and hungover right now and it’s awesome.

  35. says

    I have found for many years after getting out of the USMC that my drinking was getting out of controll. And the hangovers holy shit batman… Started to smoke weed again drink a shit ton then smoke a few hits and then lights out. Wake up in the morning feel great… Weird I know. So did some research and found that marijuana in fact protects the brain and brain cells. Which also reverses the effect of alcohol on the brain. Alcohol shrinks your brain and also kills brain cells. Now I just smoke a little after drinking a lot and go to bed feeling awesome in the morning. Weed has also helped me cut back a lot on my alcohol intake. But I know everyone is different so I’m not recommending you do as me just outing it out there that this has helped me.

  36. Angel says

    Weed, Cola, Greasy Breakfast or a nice hott soup, Water with squeezed fresh lemon, if you’re into green tea…it will hydrate you more than anything. If you’re going to lay down make sure you’re sleeping because laying down doing nothing with make you sick just thinking about how hungover you are. Sex is the #1 cure. If it’s throughout the night or the next morning, i grab my boyfriend , hop in the shower & Walaaa. no hangover :-)

  37. Brett D (Irish man) says

    Okay, I’d say I am a heavy drinker and I have had PLENTY of terrible hangovers. After many years I have a hangover cure that works 100% of the time. And I’m talking about horrible hangovers. Where your head is pounding and just the thought of any type of food makes you want to hurl your guts out.

    I go straight to weed as soon as I can get my hands on it. Usually just 3-4 hits and I feel instantaneously better. Head ache goes away and the thought of food actually makes me hungry.

    After you take a few rips of weed then go get a icy cold all fruit smoothie. A franchise like Jamba Juice or Juice it up. Try to get an all fruit smoothie (one without a lot of artificial ingredients and made with all frozen fruit). This helps to soothe the stomach and get some nutrients into your system.

    Also, these places usually offer wheat grass shots. If that’s an option, I would down one of those first before drinking my smoothie. I don’t know what it is but a wheat grass shot seems to help a lot.

    Now that you’ve smoked and got your fruit smoothie, put some real food into your system if you’re feeling good (which you should be, if not, smoke weed again until you feel better). Something fattening and greasy. Like a couple slices of pizza ( or your favorite fast food joint) and a soda.

    The food will help your body recover from the hangover. We need food to heal and repair our body. The soda and it’s bubbles really helps to ease my stomach sickness as well. My favorite during a hangover is cherry coke (just pic your favorite)

    Okay, now that you’ve smoked, got a smoothie and wheat grass shot and got more food into your stomach you should be feeling like a new man.

    To top it off, if you have nothing to do and are legally prescribed xanax. Pop one and off to a heavy deep sleep you go. When you wake up, you are fully recovered.

  38. DHM says

    I’m sorry, but nothing beats dihydromyricetin as a hangover cure! Old Chinese men have been using DHM to clear their heads after heavy drinking FOR CENTURIES!

  39. PARTY GIRL says

    Ok I drink a lot of alcohol

    (a typical night out is about 0.5l of Whiskey, or rum, few cans of beer, followed by some shots.)
    Or 2-3 bottles of wine
    Or 8 Cans (0.5l) of beer + few shots

    And the best cure for Hungover that always works is:

    Once you wake up


    This will give you the appetite to eat something (usually when i’m hungover food is the last thing on my mind)
    then once you are ready to eat…

    Have some soup, possibly little bit spicy, or just blended vegetable/chicken etc soup

    Then Have one more beer, and once you feel better and you start functioning again

    You can start drinking loads of:

    Herbal tea (YOGI Calm, relax, roibos, etc)
    Andrew Salts
    Magnesium supplement powder solved in the water
    Mineral water (dont drink water, fizzy mineral water is better)
    Aspirin to thin the blood
    Grapefruit juice
    And valerian tablets helps as well.

    But never take xanax cause it fools your brain (GABA) into thinking that you are feeling fine, but once xanax stops working you will feel worse.

  40. jen says

    Eat a bowl of oatmeal with banana and drink a glass of milk before you go to sleep, take an advil and dont forget to wash your face and brush your teeth. I know sounds silly but it helps, and if u have time to sleep in take somethin to help u sleep like nyquil.
    By the way…. love this post! :-) couldnt have put it better myself…..actually prob could but was cool


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