1. Nancy says

    Wow The Drunk Pirate has really gone downhill… alcohol was expected (naturally)… but drug and promiscuous sex promotion… seriously?

  2. Greg says

    Wow! What an exhaustive list of morning-after tips. I’ve got to agree with the ginger comment – ginger is totally a power food. Thanks for the heads up on the aspirin/Tylenol ibuprofen issue, I didn’t realize there was a difference, and I’m sure that came as news for many people. Keep up the good work!

  3. WebNinja says

    I have to agree with the tea, I’ve heard people waking up from a hang-over reaching for coffee and they really couldn’t do much worse. It will dehydrate you even more and give you yet another crash around lunch.

    Taken from a serious drinker (lots less now that I’m out of college) I do think fruit should have been it’s own category not just a side note in salads. Great article!

  4. Erin G. says

    I agree with the Bloody Mary thing but then it just makes me all warm and fuzzy and then I keep drinking them and then I get drunk and then I am hungover again the next morning.

  5. Dustin says

    Nancy said (ostensibly with a straight face) –

    Wow The Drunk Pirate has really gone downhill… ALCOHOL was expected (naturally)… but DRUG and promiscuous sex promotion… seriously? (emphasis mine)

    Comments were expected… but personal observation promotion?

    The web page was expected to load… but on my computer?

    Bacon is to be expected (naturally)… but pork promotion?

  6. Eric says


    I just have to thank you so much because you have no idea how bad of a hang over i have right now, I first tried drinking milk because (1) Im drunk
    and secondly thats what the dude does in Conkers Bad Fur Day and he is
    not drunk anymore after drinking the milk

    This morning i was at the point of sticking my tooth brush down my throat so that i would throw up and loose my Hang over.

    The Milk really didn’t help me stomach out and i started feeling bad effetcts in the stomach with in 5 minutes AFTER drinking the milk

    Right now i have a Banana and a big tall cup of water.

    I need to sober up so that i can do stuff tonight so what else can i do to sober my self up even more? please try and reply today

  7. Jes K says

    Not only was that salad exactly what I needed, it was delicious too. I might even eat that without being h.o. Thanks so much! I substituted black beans for kidney beans and used a light vingerette dressing.

  8. Psyd says

    Nancy, keep it to yourself. If ‘you are waking up next to someone’, and provided an alternative for prudish religious zealots like yourself, and as for comparing the suggestion that one take an ibuprofen to advocacy for ‘drug’ use. C’man, really?
    Argh, ya scurvy wench. Don’t ye mind deh yammerings of those still tied to deh oars. Keep on with yer drunk self, and keep the great advice coming!
    (Hey, it’s ‘Talk like a Pirate day’, right?)

  9. Eli tha great says

    Why are most of you being rude he is not promoting nothing except to not have a hangover and how to escape that nightmare hangover thanks bro you’re a drinking genius!!!!

  10. Meghan Chiampa says

    Actually, I wrote this (female). Thanks for the comments! I wrote it in response to the other hangover cures that were on this site. I hope this works for you.

  11. says

    Number 1 Cure is number one for me. Be sure and have plenty on hand though. Those morning trips to Walgreens, or wherever, are are NOT fun!

  12. Herbie says

    Take before bed or next morning with a big glass of h2o.
    Kicks your shwasted lazy liver into high power mode.
    Flushes all those poisons right out your body.
    Will make your piss into toxic stench but after a hour or so but you will feel spiffy after.
    And not that i expect any of you to, but a intense sweat dripping workout also does wonders

  13. no says

    ibuprofen can be hard on your stomach, I learned the hard way that taking ibuprofen after a night of drinking liquor regularly increases your chances of getting an ulcer alot. just something to keep in mind on that one…

  14. Ashley says

    I actually drank milk after throwing up this morning and it made my stomache feel a little better, I couldnt hold down water. The green tea has been the best, thanks for sharing!!! Never heard of drinking emergen-c for it, but I believe it I’ll make sure to have some on hand for next time. =)

  15. says

    Im all the way with having an orgasm to trigure those “all gravy baby!” endorphin feelers. Most of your hangover is all in your head! Gotta stablize your brain chemmistry with sum good old fashioned luvin:) xoxoxo@~>~~(a rose for you)

  16. bexta says

    I’m in bed trying to think what iv done today and think iv got to be up ina few hours iv been to sleep so don’t feel drunk now but head ache from hell but all of the above what great info to no thanks

  17. Linda says

    I’ve been sucking down Green Tea (iced tea) all day… and I’m still crazy nauseous at 9p from last night… It makes sense… just didn’t work for me…

  18. says

    Emergen-c works great. I woke up with a nasty hangover 15 mins later all symptoms have reduced significantly !! I took two packets, immune support and orange something calcium!!!they really do work.

  19. Dan says

    I know this article is like 5 years old, but I can’t stress how retarded you come off by saying not to take aspirin. If you don’t know anything about the drugs, don’t publish anything containing their names.

  20. sarah evans says

    The most important mistake I caught in here is that potassium is stated to be a vitamin- it’s a mineral. Get your info right, please, before giving advice. Also, I’m an idiot.

  21. says

    Hot and spicy Chinese or Mexican food,if you go Chinese,order Hot and Sour Soup,plus Szechuan-style something for an Entree,plus Egg Rolls-or Spring Rolls,for that matter,BUT-get some Hot Mustard-the stuff they put on the table,and mix up nice and HOT(spicy)-NOT that Mild-a** Crap they put in the to-go packets,that about-or do…that stuff is pedestrian,for the Newbies,at best..OR,if you go the Mexican food route,for starters,get the HOTTEST Salsa you can stand with that order of Corn chips that they bring to the table to keep you sated until the hottest Entree you can stand with a side order of Jalapenos,(or ,if you are daring,Habaneros!!!!)Peppers shows up….Again,Heat (Scoville Units) is the key..order it as hot as you can stand it-if it is too hot,eat some chips,no salsa,use Milk,if absolutely necessary to wash ,and neutralize the effect on your tongue receptors.If none of the above works,if you are stuck at the house,and do not have access to a restaurant,fix up the hottest Denver Omelette,with Jalapenos,or Habaneros,and HOT Hot Sauce…..The restaurant cures ALWAYS work for me-I always start feeling better within 3-5 minutes,no kidding-and of course,one or two hair of the dogs don’t hurt-I might suggest their Top shelf Bloody Mary,extra spicy,or a Big Margarita……….Here’s to Szechuan…..WORKS FOR ME…..!!!!!!!!!…


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