Vodka’s Pop Culture – 360 Vodka’s Cola Flavored Vodka


Last Summer I stumbled onto something that revolutionized hot weather drinking. FireFly Vodka pulled vodka out of the "Give me some Fris Vodka so I can warm up and stop freezing my nads off" category and planted it firmly into the "Drink it out of a Mason jar while watching fourth of July fireworks" category. "For those of you still trying to figure out that analogy, here's … [Read more...]

Raspberry Flavored Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka


One of the reasons there's been a lack of posts for the past few months - other than the site redesign - is because I've been doing research. A lot of it. One thing that's kept me busier, and drunker for that matter, than a New Orleans judge during Mardi Gras is the new line of Firefly Vodka flavors that were recently introduced. I'm pretty sure that this is a first for the … [Read more...]

Fris Vodka

When it's cold outside, I make like the Russians and drink vodka by the gallons. Ok maybe not gallons, but I drink a lot of it. Last night I went to the "Spirit Shoppe Fine Wine and Spirits," store down from my house here in Gainesville. It was pretty cold outside so I knew I wanted vodka. I just didn't know what kind. … [Read more...]

Sonnema VodkaHerb

The past few years have seen explosive growth in the infused vodka category. Every manufacturer from Smirnoff to Stoli has gotten into the game by infusing their vodkas with all types of fruits and berries. But leave it to the Dutch to infuse vodka with "herbs." … [Read more...]