How To Bring Alcohol On A Plane

How To Bring Alcohol On A Plane

Tired of paying $7 for a single serving of Jack Daniels on American Airlines? Let The Drunk Pirate show you how to bring alcohol on a plane. I fly constantly, and drink constantly, and I know what I'm talking about when it comes to how far you can stretch the TSA guidelines on how to bring alcohol on a plane. I've successfully taken my own liquor on an airplane no less … [Read more...]

Grande Absente: My Date With The Green Absinthe Fairy

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It was a Saturday in late September 2008. I had several people over to watch Florida stomp whom ever they were playing as usual, and Nathan and Rachel were two hours late. As usual. I think there was an issue with Rachel's jeans or something. I can't really recall. What I can recall is when Nathan finally arrived, we made our way to Springhill Liquors - My favorite liquor … [Read more...]

Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon: I wish all 10-year-olds were this awesome.


As a rule I don't normally drink bourbon until the official start of football season. Why? Well, bourbon is what I consider to be a "cold weather" spirit. You can't really get into the mood for a really earthy and smooth drink like bourbon when the average low temperature is 78 degrees. Bourbon is for keeping you warm. It's not for cooling you off  by the pool like a nice … [Read more...]

Raspberry Flavored Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka


One of the reasons there's been a lack of posts for the past few months - other than the site redesign - is because I've been doing research. A lot of it. One thing that's kept me busier, and drunker for that matter, than a New Orleans judge during Mardi Gras is the new line of Firefly Vodka flavors that were recently introduced. I'm pretty sure that this is a first for the … [Read more...]