Does The Hair of The Dog Hangover Cure Actually Work?


So I've been drinking in some capacity or another for almost exactly 20 years now. And like anyone who's been a drinker for any period of their life, I've endured epic hangovers that are most likely proof that although God does indeed love me - the existence of alcohol being testament to that love - he has a very sadistic sense of humor. And like most drinkersĀ I've tried … [Read more...]

Zaca Recovery Patch – The Best Hangover Cure Ever


If beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy, then the Zaca Recovery Patch is proof he doesn't want us to be hung over in church. Full Disclosure: I was not sent these buy the folks over at Nope. I got a free sample when I got my Freedom Flask in the mail (More on the Freedom Flask later). It was a pack of four patches which worked so well, I had … [Read more...]

The 20 Best User Submitted Hangover Cures Ever


Ben Franklin said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." This is true. However, as I've said before, hangovers are proof that God also has a sense of humor. Nobody likes to have a hangover. That's probably why one of our most read posts here on The Drunk Pirate is "The 8 Best Hangover Cures Ever." We had tons of comments and we received several emails … [Read more...]

The 8 Best Hangover Cures Ever

Best Hangover Cures

Hangovers are proof that God has a sense of humor. A very sick and twisted sense of humor. Hopefully on my judgment day when St. Peter or whoever is showing me all the bad things I've done, he'll give me credit for all the epic hangovers I've endured. When I was younger I used to view hangovers as punishment, hence the reason that I used to make bargains with the Almighty … [Read more...]