A Four Loko Farewell

Four Loko

Monday night I received an email from one of our readers calling himself XL Middleton. The email went on to say how he found the site by Googling Four Loko and that he and his friend had written and recorded a song and music video called "The Four Loko Theme," that was a tribute to Four Loko. A Four Loko Farewell, if you will. … [Read more...]

Four Loko Fruit Punch: It will Make You Irresistable

Picture 2

Like a moth to the flame burned by the fire, I was drawn to the pink and red camouflaged can of Four Loko. That or I had just finished listening to Janet Jackson. Either way, I wanted to get my drink on and 12% alcohol by volume with caffeine in a 24 oz can looked awesome hiding behind a glass door at the Kangaroo gas station. (They're website rocks btw.) I had heard of Four … [Read more...]