How To Build a Champagne Tower

So today is New Year's Eve. Or is it tonight? Either way, one thing that is absolutely certain is that millions of people are going to get shitfaced and be reading my best hangover cures post tomorrow. If you're one of the few lucky people who get to have all your friends over for a New Year's shin-dig, then another thing is certain. It happens at every party I go to every … [Read more...]

The Most Valuable Bar Trick Ever.

Drinking at a bar is probably one of my favorite past times ever. Seriously. There's nothing like rolling up to you favorite watering hole at 1 o'clock on some random Tuesday and proceeding to get hammered. Everything is going great. There's a baseball game on, the bartender is the good one (who also happens to be the cute one) who actually knows how to pour a real Black and … [Read more...]