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Spin Chill

Remember that redneck guy you used to hang out with (or you are that redneck guy) that used to sit there on the tailgate and spin a beer in the ice while he drank another because he said it made his Steel Reserve he just pulled out of the toolbox of his truck colder faster? Well, turns out that inbred idiot was on to something – Thermo-dynamic heat exchange. Actually, I just made that title up but it sounds fucking awesome. He actually was using convection.

By spinning the beer he was allowing the liquid from the center of the beer to circulate and come in contact with the cold aluminum can thus cooling the beer 20 times faster than if it were just sitting in the cooler of ice.

Now we all know unless you have a lot of time on your hands, sitting on the tailgate of a Ford the repo man is probably looking for and spinning hot beer in a cooler full of ice by hand is about as efficient as peeling potatoes with a crayon.

That shit has to be mechanized. Enter…the Spin Chill and it’s little brother the Chill Bit.

I’m fortunate to actually have met the guys who invented the Spin Chill when it was still a drawing on a napkin and they were manufacturing Chill Bit one-by-one on a 3D printer. I actually bought the very first Chill Bit to roll off the assembly line.

Chill Bit

It was a simple enough idea. One part clamps onto the can and the other fits into the drill. Put the beer in some ice and spin at medium speed for about 60 seconds. Needless to say I was skeptical.

After I got my ChillBit home, I found a few warm Natty Lights in the garage, filled a bowl with ice, slapped a fresh battery into my Dewalt drill and commenced with the science.

Sixty seconds. My beer went from garage temperature to ice cold in less than SIXTYDAMNEDSECONDS! I was amazed and bewildered at the same time. This was a great idea, but who the hell carries a drill around with them all the time?

After a few conversations with Ty and Trevor (the inventors), I found out they already had a self contained prototype of the Chill Bit that they called the Spin Chill. It took them about 6 months, but they finally put together a pretty respectable looking and working piece of drinking wonderment.

Spin Chill and Chill BitThe Spin Chill works even better than the Chill Bit in the respect that you can hook it up to a beer and just drop it in the ice on its own without having to stand there and hold it like a drill. Now don’t get me wrong, pulling out a drill at a party or tailgate and chilling beer is pretty bad ass, but I’m lazy and prefer to let automation run its course on things like making beer cold.

These things work so well Nathan and I decided the Spin Chill and Chill Bit would be the first products in our very first DrinkersBox and would be a permanent fixture in our online store at DrinkersBox.com.

The first DrinkersBox has already shipped, but you can click here to buy the Spin Chill. If you don’t want to miss out on stuff like this every month, then go to DrinkersBox.com and sign up for the monthly box.


  1. Blake says

    I am so glad In found this website. I had a boiling hot 211 that I tossed in a bowl of ice water and spun for about 2 minutes. Cracked it open and it was the coldest 211 I’ve ever had. Never knew about this trick and I’m thoroughly impressed. Keep it up guy, you rock.

  2. says

    Hi from another beer nut. I just discovered your blog, can’t believe I haven’t run across it before. We seem to share the same interest in beer. Are you on untappd? I love connecting with other beer geeks.

  3. Jelena Urosevic says

    Thanks for sharing James! This is a really cool product. How did you come across the Spin Chill?

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