Sam Adams Winter Lager

Sam Adam's Winter Lager

I’ve never felt strongly either way about Sam Adams beer. I’ve always viewed their normal fare as so so and not worth the $7.89 price it commands for a sixer. However, I have become a fan of their seasonal beers. Actually I’ve become a fan of seasonal beers in general, but Sam Adams definitely caught my eye with their Winter Lager.

I was headed to my parent’s house for the weekend when I stopped off at the ABC Liquor store to see if I could find something new. (The town my parents live in has 2 red lights and isn’t known for its beer selection) I perused the entire cooler until I decided on a 12-pack of some off-the-wall German beer. That is until I realized Sam Adams Winter Lager, which was normally $7.89 a six-pack, was on sale for $13 for a 12-pack.

Not being one to pass up a deal on a moderately seasonal beer, I reneged on the German stock and opted for the Sam Adams. I was hungry, so I also grabbed a Slim Jim and some Planters peanuts, paid the cashier and hit the door for the 35 mile trek through the country back roads to my parents house to watch Florida pound FSU.

Trial And Error

As soon as I hit the county line where I knew every deputy and his brother, I tore open the beer box all the while being mindful of the cut on my hand that was now burning from the salty peanuts. As I attempted to twist the cap of I became aware that I had overlooked one small, yet important detail. Sam Adams seasonal brews are pry off, not twist off.

I didn’t have a lighter or a metal drink mixing cup, so I tried my teeth. Then I remembered why I only did that trick after I had been drinking. Then I realized the peanuts had a metal bottom and quickly pried it of using my free hand for leverage.

Rodeo-cold Sam Adams Winter Lager is pretty damn good. I found out later cold Sam Adams Winter Lager is even better and with an ABV of 5.8, it’ll get ya drunk! I’ve drank enough of this to get a good buzz going, but I haven’t gotten hammered off of it yet so I can’t tell if it will give you a hangover. Part of the reason for not getting hammered off of it is I haven’t really had an opportune time to, the other reason is that it’s such a full bodied and good tasting beer that I find myself only wanting 2-3 at any given time.


Sam Adams Winter Lager is the perfect beer for having a beer to unwind after a long day, or taking to a social event where you’d probably get fired if you got drunk and made an ass of yourself. It’s a sipping beer, perfect for winter. Hell, even my wife likes it and actually sent me on a beer run for it a few nights ago when she realized we were out. I would definitely recommend Sam Adams Winter Lager to anyone.


  1. Liz says

    Jimmy, I would love to get to know you. Your writing style is so similar to my personality that I feel like I’ve known you for years. How can I talk to you? Through e-mail?

  2. kent says

    I also discovered this a couple weeks ago, and really dig it. While cleaning up after my brother’s wedding last weekend, I snagged the last six-pack. That was Saturday…it only lasted until Sunday.

  3. Mike says

    Hi i’m from England had this drink on draught when in new york, i absoloutely loved it and have wanted to try it since. Nowhere in england sells this brilliant beer, you occasionaly get normal Samuel Adams in bottles but it nowhere compares to the winter lager. Does anyone know a website that would sell this to me and ship to England, understand it will be costly and maybe out of season now but I’m desperate to taste that lovely beer again.

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