Platinum 7x Vodka: Don’t Be A Grey Goose Guido

Lets start this review by dispelling a few myths about vodka. First of all, any of you who are vodka drinkers or have been reading The Drunk Pirate on a regular basis know that good vodka doesn’t have to be expensive and just because a vodka is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good.

Picture 2Take Grey Goose for example:

On more than one occasion I’ve witnessed so called “ballers” throw down $150 for a bottle of Grey Goose at a club because they equate expensive with being a good vodka. I mean it does claim the be “The Worlds Best Tasting Vodka”  right on the label.

Truth is Grey Goose consistently places near the bottom of every blind taste test it is entered into. Funny thing is it’s usually brands like $16-dollar-a-bottle Smirnoff that win.

But don’t tell that to the Guido’s in Jersey who eagerly flash Grey Goose and cheesy Zoolander poses around in order to draw attention away from their horrible hair and spray-on tans.

Grey goose also makes for a good example of another vodka myth which is all good vodkas have to be made in a certain place. Like Russia. According to Grey Goose, its vodka is made in the “Vodka Region” of France. Seriuosly? The truth is that there is no “Vodka Region” of France or any other country for that matter. That’s like saying Hampsters come from the “Hampster Region” of Rhode Island. Actually I have no idea where Hampsters come from, but you get the idea.

“I thought this was a review about Platinum 7x Vodka?”Picture 1

This is a review about Platinum 7x. I just had to set the stage before I tell you how it tastes, how much it cost and where it’s made. Platinum 7x is touted as a “premium vodka.” However, it doesn’t carry a premium price tag. I’ve seen it sell anywhere from $11 for a 750ml to $16 for a 1.75L depending on where you buy it.  (In case you’re either slow or drunk or both, I’m in the process of supporting the “good vodkas don’t have to be expensive,” argument.)

Platinum 7x has a very smooth taste and makes one mean screwdriver. It doesn’t have that strong “I just drank rubbing alcohol,” aftertaste like most inexpensive vodkas do. One would venture to say it’s even on the light side despite it being a normal 80 proof spirit.

And as with my perennial favorite, Smirnoff, you can drink quite a bit of this stuff in one sitting without even the slightest tinge of a hangover the next day. Anyone who’s been drinking for any amount of time will bear testament that no hangover from a bottle of hooch costing less than $40 is rare.

So what about the last myth we talked about? What “Vodka Region” does Platinum 7x come from? Would you believe me if I told you this great little vodka came all the way from Franklin County, Kentucky? You know, the “Bourbon Region” of America. Well it does. And I would take the Pepsi Challenge with it against Grey Goose any day of the week.

According to the website Platinum 7X is distilled seven times from American corn.That’s right, not potatoes, wheat or whatever else you can make vodka out of.  Four distillations are carried out in column stills with the remaining three distillations being made in a special pot still at Buffalo Trace Distillery. Again for those of you who are slow and/or drunk that makes 7 distillations, hence the name Platinum 7x.

As usual when it come to good cheap booze I encourage you to be your own judge. Who knows, you might end up like me and have a new vodka for your top 5. But I will guarantee you’ll definitely NOT end up looking like a New Jersey Guido flashing an overpriced bottle of shitty vodka. You’ll look like a person who knows good vodka doesn’t have to be expensive.


  1. Dan says

    I have found that people who brag about grey goose or even absolut for that matter against cheaper and yet way better tasting vodkas like Smirnoff or platinum or even svedka tend to be beer or bourban/coke drinkers anyway with no stomach for strong drink. as a vodka drinker, i can handle it, easily, straight, and make it a point to taste test all i get my hands on. just for comparison. platinum is way better than absolut! absolut has a nasty aftertaste!

  2. Tim says

    I tend to stick with McCormick for mixing and only Absolut or Skyy flavored variants to drink straight or mixing.

  3. PATRICK says

    Thanks for the review. I am gluten sensitive and have been trying to find a vodka that I could buy at a great price. Being one of those chosen few that saw there jobs end after 20 plus years. And being in purchasing I always look for the best bang for the buck. Keep up the great work you are doing and best of luck to you. Pat

  4. says

    I drink Ketel One when I’m out at bars, but I have Platinum 7x at home (because they don’t usually have it in the bars out here). It’s a great vodka for a great price. But I pay $24 for a 1.75 liter bottle here in WA state because of our ludicrous liquor tax. :)

  5. Jason D. says

    I just bought this vodka for helluvit. I did check the label and noticed right away that it came from the same place my beloved bourbon does. The bottle was $8.99 so I figured if it was bad, no biggie, it was dirt cheap. I cracked the cap, took a whiff and a little swig. Wow, was I surprised! It was smooth, yet tasty. I went to the internet to find out what others thought because I couldn’t believe I got a great tasting vodka for $9….and here I am. I have never bought into the Grey Goose bs….who wants a vodka that’s French for 3-4 times the price anyway? Liquor, no matter its form, is transcending traditions and borders. Platinum is a great vodka and for the price, you can’t beat it. Don’t pay attention to the marketing efforts of Grey Goose or anything else for that matter, see for yourself. You will surely save some money if nothing else!

  6. Brad says

    I agree with everything that was said. I have been a Svedka or Pinnacle vodka drinker for years because they are high quality and less expensive than the other premium brands. The one thing that has always pissed me off in the vodka aisle is the lack of quality American vodka brands. Vodka is one of the cheapest and easiest spirits to make, and here in America everyone just ships their money overseas to Russia, France, Poland, etc. for some overpriced vodka because there are no other good reasonably priced options that are made in the USA. The only decent vodka made in the U.S. for years has been Skyy, which IMO is not worth the price they put on it. When I read this review I went out to the store and checked out the Platinum 7X and to my surprise its all MADE IN THE USA with American Corn! This is the ONLY vodka made in the U.S. that is distilled 7 times to my knowledge and it tastes damn good for a good price. In my store a 1.75L bottle was only $18, a couple of dollars cheaper than Svedka and Pinnacle. Goodbye Swedish and French crap! This is officially the new vodka of choice in my house. Way to go Sazerac (company who makes it), thank you for delivering a quality vodka product for a reasonable price and keeping the money and jobs here in the U.S.!

  7. Indiana Kevin says

    I used to drink Skyy but switched to Platinum years ago. Great taste, great price and MADE IN THE USA! You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Buy it.

  8. Aaron says

    I found Platinum at the liqour store about 2 months ago and it is now my go to drink. If I cant afford a 5th of Pendleton Whiskey, it is Platinum or nothing. Cant say enough about this vodka.

  9. Dan says

    I agree with most of the reviews about Platinum Vodka. I bought it for the 1st time tonight. Not bad at all for the price. Only 15.99 for a 1.75 litre bottle! I first took a shot to taste how it is straight up. A little harsh but with a nice bite. I then made a vodka-lemonade, with 2/3rd’s vodka. It tasted pretty damned good, considering the price. Platinum, I think you may have a new customer!

  10. says

    I recently bought this because my local store quit carrying my big bottle of SKYY. She said due to the economy (spirits and wine are more expensive in MS) they were changing up some of their inventory. They still sell the regular size SKYY but since this is 7X distilled I tried it. NEW FAVORITE!! Very smooth. I’ve always preferred the taste of SKYY over Grey Goose. But I like this even better than my SKYY.

  11. Clinton says

    I’ve been drinking Platinum for about the last two years now. Prefer it over any of the “name-brands” such as: Ciroc, Grey Goose, and Skyy. Honestly the former two only have such a big following due to the persuasion from hip hop artist… well, at least in my circle..

  12. The Comedian says

    A friend returned from doing a bourbon trail trip through Kentucky and brought home a bottle of Rain , another corn based, seven-times distilled United States produced vodka. Its schtick is that is uses only organic corn, though once distilled to 190 proof, watered back down to 80 and filtered, the only organic label that really applied is organic chemistry!

    I didn’t get a chance to taste it. Stylish bottle suggests it is expensive, I forgot to ask what he paid for it.

  13. Ms Tallchief says

    I am drinking Platinum right now as I type. It is AWESOME for the price! I paid 10 bucks for 750 ml. Not bad at all! I absolutely recommend it to vodka drinkers!!!!!!!! Cheers!

  14. jim says

    I’VE been drinking Platinum for about two years and I have to say that I think its the best on the market. Every now and then the wife and I will do a blind taste test against a recommended vodka and platinum always wins. A very close competitor is Titos made in Texas. I recommend drinking either on the rocswith a

  15. zklemmer says

    This is good booze, I just tried my first bottle and it replaces Skyy Vodka as my favorite. I agree that Grey Goose is not worth the money.

  16. Amber says

    Platinum 7x is my new favorite, I also like Titos too. Something to be said for Vodka distilled here in the U.S. if I go out I drink Ketel One these 3 never leave me with a hangover

  17. matt says

    I just hate to pay as much as I would for good scotch for vodka, especially when Smirnoff is so excellent regardless of price. If Grey Goose wants my 40 dollars they’d best stick that vodka in a barrel for a decade or so.

  18. Franco says

    Ridiculously good quality for an extremely low price? Check.

    Distilled by Buffalo Trace, probably the top bourbon producer? Check.

    Made in USA? Check.

    This is my go-to vodka. I have NEVER had a hangover from this vodka, regardless of how much I’ve drank. I love Sobieski, Svedka, and all the other members of the “low price premium vodka” club…but due to Platinum 7x meeting all of the 3 criteria above, I will not be buying any others unless they take 7x off the shelves!

  19. Hunter says

    This evening I purchased my first bottle of (1.75L) Platinum 7x Vodka. Up until this evening I would have been counted amongst the folks who felt that in order to have a quality vodka drink, I needed to buy Grey Goose. I tend to drink about one bottle of vodka per week and that has meant an expenditure of about $30.00 a week for Grey Goose. I decided to experiment today, as I felt that $120.00 a month for vodka was becoming excessive for my budget. I purchased my bottle of Platinum at Walgreens for $19.00 and I have to say that it is quite a lot smoother than the Grey Goose I had been drinking. I am very impressed with the quality and the smooth taste from this less expensive product.I must agree that marketing is a big part of consumer choice and that one must test for one’s self to find a quality product at a fair price.

  20. Maria says

    I have tried Platinum 7X. It is very smooth great taste. My cousin told me about it. The price is great a very good value for your money. I mix it with Arizona strawberry lemonade and had it on ice. Ummm taste great. We should all support this product that is Made in the USA.

  21. April says

    I am early retired and living on a pension. At 57 I am happy to be retired, but I’m on a budget and I enjoy vodka. 5 minutes ago I just tasted my first drink with Platinum 7X and it is delightful. It was on sale in NC for $15 & change for 1.75L so I thought I would try it. Yummy – very light and very good with Ginger Ale my favorite mixer. No aftertaste or burn. Thanks for the review which I read after purchasing it, but really nice vodka especially for the price.

  22. Mr.Bill says

    Okay Now, If you want a Vodka that personifies the exactness of flavor you are trying to achieve in your drink recipe USE Platinum distilled 7 imes and treat it like it is precious… for instance, take a stupid looking chablis glass, put an amount of “Original Ocean Spray Craisins” in it , drop a single ice cube on that (Prepare a litre of ice water, filtered, on the side [ to facilitate the rest of your evening]) Pour Platinum Vodka over the ice cube, spin the stem of the chablit glass between your thumb and your forefinger ( in case some of you have fingers longer than your index finger)… set it down…. pick it up after two minutes and begin the minuet…. Yeah… that’s what Schmirnof tried to replicate……. But this is “The real thing”….The Cranberry flavor…….. So nice…. what they all thought they could pull off……. YET….they are not distilled 7 times…. leaving far more alcohol molecules “Free” to adhere to the naatural flavor of it all they ihntended….OOOOOHHHhh Yeeeeeeah……. That’s what Cranberry Vodka is meant to taste like…… That’s what Platinum Vodka is good for…… Purity and adherance of flavors…… No fumes…. 7 Times Pure !

  23. Poetbill says

    I Meant That, and I shouldn’t have had to say it twice ! Platinum & Ocean Spray Original Craisins with a splash of water RULES ! THAT’S WHAT ! !!! The North American Martini..without a twist ! …… All that is !

  24. walker328 says

    The cashier at the liquor store suggested Platinum 7X as opposed to what ever brand of vodka I had. Same price and better, is what he said. He also said he likes his customers to not have terrible hangovers in the morning and this brand was way better than other vodkas in that regard. I said Sure, why not. And I must say it’s really good in this bloody mary I’m drinking. Others have had a jet-fuel kinda taste to me – this doesn’t at all. Perfect mixed with Freshies. My new usual bottle!

  25. ro says

    i’m sorry i’m a vodka drinker and i’ll take absolute over smirnoff and platinum any day. i’ve tried all three and in mine and some friends experience it goes absolute, smirnoff and then platinum from best to worst out of the three and we are liquor drinkers

  26. Ian max says

    svedka Was my go 2 for a year but this 7x Is goood !really cheap paid 10.26 after tax. saves money, Tastes good, american made , and made from fritos!!!!!

  27. Theo Stephen says

    Isn’t the Buffalo Trace Distillery where Taaka Vodka is made? (The cheapest, crummiest, rubbing alcohol-tastingest vodka you can buy at $5.79 for a fifth)

    Is this Platinum 7X just a distilled version of Taaka?

  28. Susan Williams says

    I do like Platinum, but unfortunately where I live the liquor stores do not carry it. I do get it in the other states I visit.

  29. Rock says

    OK.Here’s the deal,I am a connoisseur of cheap vodka.after all the other choices i chose McCormick but it left a bad aftertaste that went on and on and on I smelled like alcohol hours after I drank local liquor store ran out of McCormick and suggested I tried Platinum 7 X Wowno more red face and pukey alcohol taste in my mouth try it you’ll like it.It is Mr Rock the way good column buddy

  30. JohnL says

    I have been drinking Platinum for at least 4 years & think it’s a great vodka, straight.or mixed. Smirnoff has been overlooked for many years & doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. HOWEVER… for MY taste I prefer Grey Goose when I’m not mixing. As with all things, food or drinks, it’s a very personal matter! No one should bad mouth any of the vodkas. It’s what YOU prefer, not what you’re told you should be drinking. Price tags & labels should not be a consideration.

  31. Tom says

    Honestly….Smirnoff??????? Tastes like crap neat…..grey goose is atleast drinkable neat but you’re right, go explore the brave new world, there are so many “own brand” vodkas which taste great, just in the freezer and try it!


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