Mint Flavored Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

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Now I’ve never really been a fan of mint in general because with most mint-flavored affairs the only thing you taste is the mint. I don’t even like those little mints they leave on your pillows at hotels. My utter disdain for mint made me extremely skeptical of Firefly Vodka’s mint-flavored sweet tea vodka.

I fully expected the mint to completely overpower the sweet tea flavor of the vodka leaving me with something that resembled the bastard child of a Mint Julep and a Mojito. Not wanting to throw another variable into the experiment I strayed away from my normal Spiked Arnold Palmer of half Simply Lemonade and half Firefly and opted to replace the lemonade with plain water.

Picture 2I was very surprised to find that the folks at Firefly had opted to hold back on the mint so it didn’t seem as if I had shoved a mint candy cane up my nose. To the contrary the aroma was present, but not overpowering, and the was really no initial mint taste. Instead it left a nice clean after taste. One could describe it as being a little more of a mature and sophisticated drinking experience.

After playing with my mixers a little more I found the best combination was to use crushed ice with half Simply Lemonade and half Mint Firefly Vodka. You get the great sweet tea taste with a fresh minty after taste that actually clears your head quite nicely.

Like the raspberry-flavored version, this flavor is perfect for after dinner or just lounging around on the back porch. And as with the original Firefly Vodka and the raspberry flavor, the mint definitely has a place in my cabinet.


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    Thank you very much for the kind words about Firefly Vodka. We are so grateful to fans like you who post positive reviews about our product. Feel free to get in touch with me at any time to talk Firefly.

    Thanks again!

    PS Mint is my favorite.

    – Matthew Berman
    Twitter: @fireflyvodka

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