Free Kraken Poster

Had this come through one of my RSS feeds today. Haven’t tried their liquor yet, but I’m always a fan of free stuff. This company has received quite a bit of coverage on design blogs thanks to their snazzy bottles, labels, media kit, and such. If you’re interested, just fill out the form on their Web site and they’ll send you a free poster. Make sure you mention you saw this on The Drunk Pirate in the comments section of their form—maybe they’ll send us one of those sweet press kits and a bottle to review on the site.



  1. Sam Allen says

    You should absolutely try the Kraken rum for a review. It’s damn good and very reasonably priced.

  2. elsenore says

    … one of the best Dark & Stormies you’ll ever have. However, be on your guard… it’s full rich taste and rather high alcohol content has a tendency to go down a little too easily and you may end up as I did…. waking to find yourself clothed in only an ascot.

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