Firefly Vodka Spiked Arnold Palmer

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Since our review of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, we’ve gotten tons of emails asking what the hell does one mix with sweet tea flavored vodka. I recently sent an email to the folks over at Firefly Vodka asking if they had any recipes they could share with us. As luck would have it they did in fact have a few tricks up their sleeve.

They sent me a fairly long list of drinks made with Firefly Vodka as the main ingredient, but I haven’t had a chance to try all of them yet. This is because I like to drink only one type of drink on any given day so I can get a feel for it. It helps ingrain the experience into my drink memory bank. If I were to try them all in one sitting I don’t think I would be able to discern between them when writing a review for each one the next day. Mainly because I’d most likely be shit faced and not remember what each one tasted like.

So what I’m going to do is post a Firefly Vodka Drink of the day every other day or so until I make it through the list. When I’m done I’ll rank them from best to worst. In the original Firefly post I used the recipe on the back of the bottle. 1 part Firefly Vodka, 1 part water, lemon to taste. I must say it tasted pretty much like grandma’s sweet tea, but this next drink takes Firefly to the next level.

The Firefly Spiked Arnold Palmer

This first drink is probably the easiest. One part lemonade and one part Firefly vodka. That’s it. Even a drunk could make this one and not screw up. I take that back. A drunk could screw up the lemonade so it’s best that you buy some pre-made stuff. I prefer Simply Lemonade which is made by the Simply Orange people. It has just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness.

The nice thing about this drink is that even if you put just a little Firefly to a glass of the Simply Lemonade, it still tastes like sweet tea, albeit sweet tea with a shit load of lemon in it. I however prefer mine mixed about 50/50. (Hey, I don’t have a lot of time to sit around waiting to get drunk) So if you’re going to experiment with Firefly Vodka I strongly recommend starting with this very simple and great tasting recipe.

Next up: The Firefly Southern Gentleman.

(Special thanks to Emily from Obviouslee Marketing for sending me the list of drinks)


  1. B-Rad says

    I believe this is called a “John Daly” not a spiked Arny Palmer. At least that’s what we have started calling it.

  2. says

    try i/2 firefly and and 1/2 mike’s hard lemonade, any flavor but regular is my favorite. watch out you won’t have to drink many

  3. catfromSC says

    I was looking for some more recipes for Firefly, and saw this post. So far, I like it two ways: 50/50 Firefly and water with crushed ice, little bit of sugar, and about 2 or 3 chunks of lemon. Another way I had it at Bird’s on a Wire in Columbia, SC was served with pink lemonade and a lemon garnish (it’s girly, I know, but hey, I’m a chick). This is the best stuff EVER! You can’t beat it sittin’ on the porch at a beach house looking at the ocean at Edisto Beach.

  4. Brian Miller says

    MAN OH MAN!! 1st off let me say that your site absolutely ROCKS!!! I work in a wine & spirits store her in Missouri and happened across your site while checking reviews on Firefly. This shit is DANGEROUSLY smooth! I wholeheartedly agree with your review (by the way, have read all your reviews….DAMN FUNNY SHITE!) did the 50/50 mix and WHOA! halfway thru the bottle already and finding it increasingly hard to type!! Anywho….just wanted to let ya know that I’m spreading the word about your site for ALL my customers. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! Am looking forward to MANY more insightful and humorous reviews! Thanks again…, where’s my Gatorade?????

  5. Ross Gilbert says

    try two shots firefly, one shot simply lemonade and the rest water in a solo cup, topped off with ice… she’s goooood!!!!!

  6. Ashlie Rowe says

    Actually, an Arnold Palmer is with pink lemonade. Either way though it is delicious!!! Thankfully I live close enough to go and buy plenty of it!

    Here is a .jpeg directly from Firefly with a few mixes.

    Also, try and check out the other flavor’s they released in March; Firefly Peach Tea Vodka, Firefly Raspberry Vodka, Firefly Mint Tea Vodka, and Firefly Lemon Tea Vodka.

  7. Ashlie Rowe says

    To add to that….I don’t know why it’s called that, since a non alcoholic Arnold Palmer is made with lemonade.

    I’ve heard that Burnett’s also makes sweet tea vodka, but I’m quite skeptical of it. If anyone has tried both Firely and Burnett’s a comparision would be nice.

    I’m from the Carolinas and would rather support a local brand. But in case I’m ever broke or planning on making 20 gallons of this shit for a party or something, I’d like to know the cheaper alternative is decent.


  8. Teri M says

    I’ve been on a Firefly kick for several months now and it always kicks me back the next morning. I love the 50/50 recipe, but it’s also good mixed with champagne. Peach is excellent!

  9. says

    Went to Myrtle Beach between Bike weeks, love sweet tea had to try FireFly. Bought a bottle to take home (Chagrin Falls, Ohio) and I made a Citrus Burst FireFly: 1 part Firefly 2 parts Squirt (Sundrop would be better, but didnt have any). Great STUFF!!!

  10. Linda TS says

    I hate lemon in my tea….but a shot of peppermint schnapp’s; a few fresh mint leaves in my glass; and the vodka made superb mint tea!

  11. Gary L says

    Try the Burnetts Sweet Tea Vodka. Half the price and tastes the same to Me. Also Firefly not made in South Carolina anymore but in Kentucky

  12. Pam says

    Some of the Sweet Tea Vodka is still made in Wadmalaw, SC. The bottle I just bought yesterday was produced there. I live about 5 min. from the distillery and Tea Plantation.

  13. Angie says

    My usual drink is vodka lemonade then when I tried the sweet tea vodka today at work I fell in love!! That’ll be my new drink!!

  14. kim says

    I work at a bar in texas. we make a shot we call a tea bag…1oz. firefly, splash of sweet & sour, splash of sprite…shake and enjoy.

  15. Ali says

    Actually the name given to the drink by the Firefly company is a John Daly. The liquor store gives out rcipe cards printed by the company that calls it a John Daly.

  16. Karen says

    I recently introduced firefly to my friends! We love the sweet tea vodka and lemonade. Although, we just had a mint-teo-to (sp?) in the Keys and loved it. Made with mint tea vodka, club soda, mint leaves, and simple syrup, I believe. Haven’t tried making it myself yet!

  17. TwoEyedJack says

    I substituted the Simply Lemonade for Limeade on the suggestion of a friend and it adds a little better kick than the Lemonade.

  18. amanda says

    Call me old fashioned but I like to keep it simple– make a regular batch of sweet tea. Then pour a little tea in the bottom, about a three second pour of Firefly and top it off with more tea! HEAVEN!

    But I do mix mine in a pint glass.

    Seagram’s also makes a good S.T. Vodka. But it doesn’t have the kick at the end like Firefly!

  19. TxGriffLover says

    I mixed equal parts (1 shot each) Firefly Sweet Tea and Lemoncello in a tall glass with ice, then topped it off with strong brewed unsweetened tea. Delicious!

  20. Sunshine says

    I was in Ann Arbor and ran accross The 19th Hole – Firefly Iced Tea Vodka, Kettle One Citron and Fresh Lemonade. Served chilled straight up in a martini glass. AWSOME

  21. Peter Wickensplirk says

    I just made this with raspberry lemonade and it tastes frickin awesome. I call it a Tiger Woods.

  22. JOHNNY says

    We got turned on to Firefly during a vaca in Folly Beach NC at the end of last summer when a waiter suggested a Drunken Palmer and we were hooked. I have tried Burnetts and I don’t think it is as good as Firefly (but would do in a pinch). Burnetts seems sweeter, little more syrupy. Also, it Burnetts tea infused or does it have tea flavoring added?

    We’ve dubbed The Drunken Palmer is our poolside drink this summer — we were doing 50/50 with lemonade but it was a bit strong, so now we do 40/40 and then top off with 20% Pellegrino sparkling water — like the way you’d top off a Mojito. It cuts the strength and the carbonation gives it a little lift.

  23. Janni says

    Try this. Fill a tall glass with Crystal Light Pink Lemonade, add a shot of Firefly Sweet tea, a shot of Peach Schnapps, and garnish with a squeeze of lemon. Perfect Summertime drink!

  24. beachmomflo says

    I just had one at Rosemary beach Paradis Restaurant called 30a Sweet Tea and it was so amazing we rushed out & bought some Firefly Sweet Tea to make tomorrow on the beach! :-) Ahhh!!!


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