Drinkwel Multivitamin Hangover Cure: Official Drunk Pirate Review


Since the very beginning, The Drunk Pirate has been dedicated to the drinking lifestyle.

Beer, liquor, malt beverages, drinking games—pretty much anything that gets you crunk. But there’s always been a not so glamorous side to the drinking lifestyle. It’s a side we’ve all encountered but love to forget. We call them hangovers, and they’re a fact of life. Like your ex-girlfriend getting knocked up by some toolbag after you break up, it’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen, it’s a matter of damage control.

For this reason, we’ve come to accept hangovers, much like we’ve come to accept little Toolbag Jr. when we inevitably get back together with the ex-girlfriend. Sure we all develop our own little rituals to deal with hangovers. We’ve even covered some of our favorites in a previous hangover posts. But that doesn’t mean we have to stop searching for something better.

Enter drinkwel, the multivitamin for healthy people that drink.

The concept seemed simple enough. A specially formulated alcohol nutrition supplement that provides short-term relief and long-term support against the negative effects of alcohol. Bold words for what sounds like a hyped up multi-vitamin. But with a money-back, feel healthier guarantee, it was worth a shot.

The instructions said to take 3 capsules daily with food and water, and to take 3 additional capsules with water before bed if drinking. This seemed like a hell of a lot of capsules to me, so I bent the rules a bit. On Monday, after a particularly long day in the office, I started my routine of 2 capsules a day to get prepared for the weekend. By Friday, it appeared the placebo effect was in full swing as I had convinced myself that I had more energy than usual. It was time for a reality check and to see what this drinkwel stuff was all about. I had to be up early on Saturday to meet a friend for some kayaking. So that Friday I drank myself under the table and skipped my usual 4th meal in favor of three drinkwel capsules and a lemon-lime Gatorade. Six hours later, I was kicked back in a bright yellow two-seater kayak drinking a Four Loko, feeling like a champ. By all accounts it appeared drinkwel had done its job.

But even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once and a while. To really push it to the limit, I made sure to hit all my favorite drinking holes that night for a second round of testing. The next morning, after a full night’s rest I was still feeling like a champ. Now I don’t know if a couple days of heavy drinking are enough to hand over the hangover cure title to drinkwel, but with each passing hangover-free weekend, it’s getting harder to deny the apparent health effects of drinkwel when applied to the drinking lifestyle.

If interested, check out their site at drinkwel.com


  1. Joan Marcann says

    Drinkwel did not work for me. It did nothing. I followed directions and woke up this morning the worst I could be with how much I drank. The vitamins I guess can’t hurt you, but do not expect no hangover!

  2. says

    @ Joan Marcann

    You’re probably just old and can’t handle your liquor like you could in your younger days. Kidding of course (unless you really are old).

    Expecting drinkwel to stop a hangover straight up is like expecting your seatbelt to save you from an accident with a semi truck. Other variables need to be considered, such as how much sleep did you get, how much liquor was consumed, how much do you usually drink, did you eat anything and drink enough water, current health level, etc. But like the seatbelt when it comes to an accident, drinkwel is a step forward in preserving your post-drinking health. At least in this blogger’s opinion…

    Would love to hear more thoughts from others who have tried drinkwel.

  3. Joan Marcann says

    Can I not have tried this product and posted my results without being insulted? No, I am not old, just someone looking for what this product claims to do. I still take it and even though I have had no improvement with hangovers, I hope it helps in some way. If you think it works so well, where are other reviews to support it? What you said sounds like you work for the company.

  4. says

    @ Joan Marcann

    Maybe you missed the “kidding of course” part of my comment? Or perhaps you’ve not been around this site long enough to know that sarcasm is our first and only language :) Regardless, your point is well taken and I’m glad to see you back for a reply.

    My question to you is why would I need other people’s drinkwel reviews to prove to myself that it works? I’ve been taking drinkwel daily for a couple of months and have noticed a solid improvement in the way I feel after heavy weekends of drinking. And no, I don’t work for the company or really care about the product outside of what it’s done for me. In fact, the moment I find something better, I will gladly let it be known and drinkwel will be ousted from my mind forever.

    But your comment was: “Drinkwel did not work for me. It did nothing.”

    And my previous response to you was the result of hearing endless cases in which people assume that products will work miracles for them based on marketing hype, and then are disappointed when it doesn’t work out. If drinkwel doesn’t work for you, then I believe you whole-heartedly.

    It’s no miracle drug, and if you read the label, it doesn’t claim to banish hangovers. It claims to make you feel better or your money back. I combine drinkwel with other hangover prevention tactics and take into consideration the other variables that need to be accounted for. My suggestion to you is to do the same and maybe you will have better results. If not, get your money back!

  5. says

    @ Joan Marcann
    I’m one of the founders of drinkwel and would love to set up a meeting or phone call with you to discuss your reaction to our product, as this is not the typical experience. Please email me so we can set something up.

  6. says

    Drinkwel did not work for me. It did nothing. I followed directions and woke up this morning the worst I could be with how much I drank. The vitamins I guess can’t hurt you, but do not expect no hangover!

  7. Taylor Watson says

    I haven’t had a chance to try this “DrinkWel”, but I’m really really keen to…
    I just want to know if it’s available in Australia.

    Also, Two of the same comment from different people…weird :|


  8. redredwino;-) says

    Go to Amazon for reveiws of Drinkwel…there are plenty and almost 100% good. I’m thinking of purchasing some on Fab.com because they’re on sale and I’m finding this concept quite intriquing;-)

  9. says

    I’m re-ordering a new bottle on amazon now. Just did a search to see what the latest google had and found this page. Really appreciate this review here- posting it to my fb wall. Great product. It works. consume! p.s. great writing.

  10. J says

    I have to agree. I consider myself a champion among champions when it comes to the amount of hard liquor I can consume and still walk around fairly normally, when by all accounts I should be in a hospital/ditch somewhere. I tried Drinkwel one time- no prepping, nothing, just 3 pills before, 3 the next morning. Felt like a God. Enough said.


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