Drinking Gear: The Disposable Flask

Picture 12Before 9/11 you walk right into a movie theater wearing bulky cargo pants and an army jacket packed to the zippers with booze. Back in the late 90’s my buddies and I could literally smuggle a 12 pack of Natty Light or a whole bottle of Jack Daniels each into any movie or sporting event in Gainesville.

But as they often do, times have changed. Rent-a-cops are taught from day one to watch for terrorists threats which include young disheveled men trying to get into crowded places wearing bulky jackets and cargo pants in the middle of July. Plus, in addition to the whole “looking like a terrorist” thing, cargo pants aren’t very fashionable anymore. Nope, these days low-rise jeans and fitted shirts just don’t allow for entire liquor cabinets to be smuggled into an event. (That is of course unless the hipsters make it fashionable for guys to carry purses.)

The alternative to trying to parlay an entire liter of vodka into a club, which I outlined in “See A Movie And Get Drunk For Less Than $10,” is to go to the ABC Liquor, buy a pint of Jim Beam and hope the guy at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium gate doesn’t notice the bulge in your pants.

But as I’ve said before, the economy sucks and it’s my job to make sure you don’t piss away you’re hard-earned drinking money. Don’t buy a $9 pint of Bacardi when you can get a whole gallon for $11 more dollars. Buy in bulk and divide that shit up like a 20lb family pack of hamburger meat from Sam’s Club.

“How do I economically divide up a bottle of liquor” you ask? Easy. Get a flask.Picture 11

Now I’m not talking about going to Things Remembered in the mall and dropping $50 on a flask with your name on it. Nor am I talking about risking having your grandfather’s antique flask confiscated at the stadium because you were drunk and belligerent. Get a disposable flask.

One day Alexander Kristoff was walking through a parking lot at a football game and noticed a couple of old guys filling Ziploc bags with liquor so they could sneak them in without the risk of really actually losing anything of value if they got caught. “There’s got to be a better way,” young Alexander said to himself.

A few years and a few prototypes later, Alex filed for a patent for The Disposable Flask.

The Disposable Flask is 4 x 6 inches, holds 7.5 ounces of liquid, can be used for hot or cold liquids, comes in several different colors including pink, white, black, camo, leopard skin and several sports team colors and get this, has a screw-on/off cap so it can actually be used several times before you have to throw it away.

One really cool feature is that you can order customized flasks. If you own a business or are having an event, you can get the flasks in a specific color with just about anything printed on them. I think what I like about it most is that because it’s similar to a plastic baggie, it conforms to your pocket so you don’t have this big square bulge sticking out.

Picture 9I’ve been fortunate to have a few of these to experiment with. Here’s what I did with them over the weekend:

1. I successfully got drunk watching the Transformers flick last Friday night via 2 Disposable Flasks filled with some Buffalo Trace Bourbon (more on that in another post).

2. I watched fireworks in a city park with a nice rum and coke thanks to The Disposable Flask.

3. I drank at the springs on Sunday without worrying about anyone giving me crap for having a glass bottle of Bacardi near the water.

4. Gave a coworker some Eagle Rare Bourbon (more on this later) without having to give them any container of sentimental value.

You can head over to The Disposable Flask website and order 6 flasks and 2 funnels for $9.95 plus S&H. I personally plan on stock piling these for football season.

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  1. says

    Save your money. Re-use 5-hour energy or (as my personal throw away flask of choice) Rockstar energy shots. They’re small, disposable, and can get you through airport security in no time!

  2. says

    Took me awhile to read all the comments, but I really love the article. It proved to be very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also engaged! I’m sure you had fun writing this article.

  3. Tom says

    Seriously… this is a good idea! I hate spending money at the bars, next time I buy my buddies a round of shots, I will just pull out a bunch of 5 hour energies packed with whiskey. Even better, they won’t shatter when my best mate smashes it back down on the table.

  4. Derrick Abellard says

    A water bottle? A 5-hour energy? Are you guys idiots? The whole point of the flask is that is is comfortable and you don’t even know it is there. It conforms to your pocket and you don’t even know that you’re carrying one.

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