Apples to Apples Drinking Game

Apples to Apples Drinking Game

I think it was the great Cheech who said, “Hey man, things are tough all over.” Truer words have never been spoken. Especially now. Even with gas down to a manageable price, the economy is in the shitter and money is pretty tight for just about everyone I know. This is why for the past few months my wife and I have been going to, and hosting, game parties. The games range from poker to Wii to Facebreaker tournaments on my Playstation 3. But last night, I played one of the funnest games I have ever played at a party. Apples to Apples.

Now unlike the other drinking games we’ve covered, you actually have to go and buy this game at the store. I found it at Wal-mart for $18 which seems to be a pretty standard price. It’s not really a drinking game, but once I describe the rules I’ll tell you how to convert it into a quick and easy way to get retarded drunk.

The Apples to Apples game comes with 752 “red” cards and 252 “green” cards. The red cards are things like “paying taxes,” “lightning,” “truck stops,” etc. The green cards are descriptive-type cards like, “shocking,” “relaxing,” “scary,” etc. You start out by dealing everyone 7 red cards. Then one person who is the “judge” draws one green card and reads the descriptive word and its definition aloud. The premise is for the other people to pick one card in their deck that they think best fits the green card’s word according to the “judge’s” personality. Each person lays their card face down in a pile. The judge then reads out all the cards and then picks the one they like best. The person who’s card gets picked wins the green card. The first one to win a predetermined number of green cards is the winner. Each person also takes a turn being the judge. We played this for hours and had a blast.

Apples to Apples Drinking Game Instructions

The way I see this being played as the Apples to Apples drinking game is as follows:

    1. Every time a person wins a green card they have to take a shot.
    2. Additionally, each time a person takes their turn being the judge they have to take a shot picked by the previous hand’s winner.
    3. If you really wanted to get crazy, in addition to picking the best card the judge could pick the worst card and make the person who threw that one in take a shot.

I’m not sure I did an adequate job conveying just how much fun this game is, but trust me when I tell you it’s one of the best investments you could make if you like to have friends over for a party.


  1. Roxas says

    Why on earth would you make the person who WINS a green card drink? If that was the case, someone could just put in a red card that they KNEW wouldn’t win just so they wouldn’t have to drink.

  2. Steve says

    for a game with so many cards and possibilities you’re not thinking outside the box. let me know if you want to know how to really make this a fun drinking game.

  3. John says

    The way this should be set up is the person who wins
    doesn’t have to drink. everyone else does. Drunkenness would ensue
    a lot faster and Everyone would be having a great time competing
    not to drink. lmao

  4. HIDEF says

    best play i ever won with was “selfish- rosa parks” but in a totally its funny not racist way.

  5. Howell says

    So Apples to Apples is probably the best game i’ve ever played, when in a large group. The way my friends and I play it work pretty well for us and ill share them.

    we play two different ways. for when we want to Drink but not be totally wasted we play really long games, where at the end of each round everyone, except the winner and the judge take a drink of theirs. So we mostly play with beer, or mikes hard, or anything low %. Games last for a long time and we all have a great time playing.

    2nd way is a much more fast paced one. Played with shots of hard alcohol we play it so that whoever wins the rounds (or whoever’s card is chosen by the judge) gets two shots to hand out. They may pick whoever they like except the judge for that round, and themselves. Also with every 3rd green card a player receives they must do a shot.

    This way works for us and i just figured id share and see if it helps anyone.

  6. Dubwesier says

    The way I’ve played it is a variation of ‘Asshole.’ Essentially, the judge of each turn is the president and can distribute ‘drinks’ i.e. take a drink for talking while I’m trying to explain the green apple to you, or, take a drink for not picking my card last time around, etc. Also, whoever has their card selected then can take the opportunity to give a drink to anybody they in the game. A standard ‘drink’ would be a sip of beer or cocktail but can also be a long pull of their beer, drink beer until my finger goes down, take a shot, whatever… It’s very fun this way…
    Oh and by the way, Apples to Apples fucking kicks ass.

  7. Emily says

    My friends are all hating on this, but I am going to change their minds tonight. At college, we would pregame with this ALL THE TIME. Seriously, so much fun.

  8. Whiskey says

    Why not skip the games and chug vodka. Same result—you look stupid, act stupid, vomit, cause accidents and get a hangover. Its brilliant unless you are the one selling the game.

  9. Dan says

    Best apples to apples play I’ve seen: for the green card “touchy feely” someone played “Helen Keller”


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