Spin Chill – Fastest Way To Chill Beer

Spin Chill

Remember that redneck guy you used to hang out with (or you are that redneck guy) that used to sit there on the tailgate and spin a beer in the ice while he drank another because he said it made his Steel Reserve he just pulled out of the toolbox of his truck colder faster? Well, turns out that inbred idiot was on to something - Thermo-dynamic heat exchange. Actually, I just … [Read more...]

Product Review: BEARPONG Oversized Portable Pong Game


First things first, this is the song I'm listening to as I write this product review. Lil' Wayne gets me AMPED! I suggest you listen to this at high volume in a residential area while reading this review. Now on to the BEARPONG review... Nathan and I had a professor years ago at UF that always told us that if you're going to do anything, swing for the fences and do … [Read more...]

The Limer: Way Better Than Using Your Teeth


If you were to venture into my kitchen and take a minute to examine the vestibule of my Kenmore refrigerator, you'd find a plethera of refrigerator-related items. You would find nine different magnetic calendars from various real estate agents, dry cleaners, and pizza places along with three to do lists and a myriad of pictures and magnets jumbled among several pieces of … [Read more...]

Free Kraken Poster


Had this come through one of my RSS feeds today. Haven't tried their liquor yet, but I'm always a fan of free stuff. This company has received quite a bit of coverage on design blogs thanks to their snazzy bottles, labels, media kit, and such. If you're interested, just fill out the form on their Web site and they'll send you a free poster. Make sure you mention you saw this on … [Read more...]

Drinking Gear: The Disposable Flask

Picture 12

Before 9/11 you walk right into a movie theater wearing bulky cargo pants and an army jacket packed to the zippers with booze. Back in the late 90's my buddies and I could literally smuggle a 12 pack of Natty Light or a whole bottle of Jack Daniels each into any movie or sporting event in Gainesville. But as they often do, times have changed. Rent-a-cops are taught from day … [Read more...]