Burnett’s London Dry Gin Sucks

burnetts gin

Sir Robert Burnett is an asshole. On the front of this green, 750ml bottle of devil’s piss it reads, “This celebrated Gin is distilled according to the original formula of Sir Robert Burnett & Co. LTD……….In Baltimore Maryland. Ok, first of all I’m going to call bullshit because as far as I was told London Dry Gin was supposed to be made in, oohhh I don’t know, maybe London.

Truth is I didn’t even read the label when I bought it. All I saw was a bottle of Gin that was $8.99. Yes I know. That should have been my first clue that this little green bitch was going to kick my ass nine ways till Sunday later that night. What can I say? I’m a bargain hunter.

I went home and commenced to drinking. The stuff actually tastes pretty good. Smells good. Mixes good. So why is Sir Robert Burnett and asshole? This gin is the single worst headache producer known to man. If you buy a bottle of this you better have a few syringes full of morphine handy because about 3 hours after you have your last drink it’s going to feel like a ninja just hit you in the head with a Chinese star. And that’s just from having 3-4 drinks.

At first I thought it was a fluke. So the next night I made myself only 2 drinks. Same result. Sunday night. One drink. Same result. So fuck you Sir Robert Burnett. Stay as far away from this stuff as you can. I know I will.


  1. JC says

    Having ventured to my local haunted house this evening, I was perturbed to see they were out of my favorite best value (thanks NY Times) Gordon’s London Dry Gin. After a moment of emotional distress I decided on something I hadn’t tried before; the aforementioned Burnett’s. Compared to numerous gins I’ve been enjoying these past years it rates on the mediocre scale, quite dull, but acceptable. As I am in the early stages of testing I cannot verify the end results. Conclusions will be forthcoming.

    It’s worth mentioning that I hadn’t read this article before purchase.

  2. JC says

    After sleeping for the requisite 10 hours I can report that I experienced a minor headache only shortly after finishing my 3rd drink, further testing may be necessary to verify, though I do think there is some veracity to your claims.

  3. JC says

    After some rather heavy experimentation with Burnetts London Dry Gin, I’ve come to the conclusion that it will give you a longer lasting hangover, though not as bad as I initially feared.

    It still sucks, won’t buy it again

  4. Scott says

    I know the actual Sir Robert and let me assure you, it is a trap! Don’t buy it! A headache is the least of what will happen to you. I drank his Vodka once and placed an entire set of clean dishes in the trash can.

    Oddly, the flavor is not bad, it is the effect.

  5. name of many names says

    I drink Burnetts gin and vodka all the time with no issues. Sure, Bombay is the best Gin, and everyone would love to drink grey goose! I’m looking for a cheap, good way to have a great time, and Burnetts (as long as it’s a mixer) is a great time!!!

  6. Joe says

    I just bought a liter to keep in stock for “medicinal purposes” (read toothache). By the liter it’s a helluva lot cheaper than Anbesol. It’s good for that, at least, kills the pain almost immediately, but I’d be adding LOTS of tonic before I’d consider drinking it. I normally drink Bombay (the 1761 variety not the Sapphire) but that’s too good to waste on a toothache.

  7. pretendboozegeeksareidiots says

    First of all, if you’re drinking to get drunk, you have a right to wake up with a headache in the morning.

    Second, London Dry Gin is a type of gin, modelled after that which was first made in London. It’s not appellation protected, like Bordeaux or Burgundy.

    Before you decide to tell people about what you’ve learned, perhaps you should see what others have already done.

  8. Dave says

    Not a big Gin drinker but when I’m out I’ll order a Tanqueray Martini. I decided to give this a try for that home Martini and really liked it. Not bad for an inexpensive gin. By the way if you drink enough alcohol of any brand you will get a HANGOVER! That’s 101 of drinking. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  9. Randall Fields says

    Yes, Burnett’s is a rather inexpensive gin – no news there. But just because it occupies a middle shelf does not mean that there’s anything inherent about this brand that would, could or should give anybody an especially bad hangover. Like other gins it’s just a simple grain spirit with juniper berries and other botanicals as flavorings. It is in fact a rather mild gin, very mellow actually – nothing particularly notable, perhaps even unremarkable, but not at all disagreeable for its price point. If this easygoing gin gives a person a hangover I think they need to learn to either reduce the amount they’re chugging in a short period of time or go back to something more age appropriate for their level of sophistication with alcoholic beverages. Finally, is any purpose served with the reviewer’s inane/childish potty talk? Well… other than making the reviewer sound very immature? Perhaps all the reviews at this blog are as jejune. Adios.

  10. says

    As an octogenarian I have been buying Burnett’s gin for my own use as long as I can remember and have continued even after Heavenly Hill bought the original distiller. It makes the best gin and tonic known to man. I have never experienced getting headaches from it although I admit I’m a moderate drinker. I’ve served it many times to friends and guests in lieu of the expensive stuff and they’ve all commented on how well their their requested martini tasted. ‘Nuf said.

  11. serafinadellarosa says

    If I could afford the high end stuff on a regular basis I’d, of course, buy it!! But I drink Burnett’s regularly with my G and Ts or White Ladies. Lots of tonic and ice and I’ve never had a headache problem. I think it has a nice, light refreshing flavor and not to perfumey. That’s my 2 cents.
    My grandmother always said that gin makes one “pugilistic”.

  12. Elmo says


    Perhaps you should not suck before you drink gin. Whatever you are sucking may leave a bad taste in your mouth……

    There is not a gin that I haven’t tried. For the price you can’t beat Burnett’s gin. When I’m out I’ll order a Tanqueray Martini. It’s because I can’t get a Burnett’s Martini.

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