Abita Turbodog


There’s absolutely no place like Florida in the dead of winter. I mean honestly, who doesn’t love mowing their lawn in late December? I spent all day Sunday working up a good sweat while trying out my new backpack leaf blower. Once I finished the migrant worker routine, I fired up the grill and cracked open an Abita Turbodog. Turbodog wasn’t quite what I had expected.

I’ve been seeing Turbodog on tap at different bars here and there but had never ordered one. I had seen Turbodog at the grocery store, but until Sunday had never bought any. The package said it was an ale so I figured it would be the perfect thing to cool me down after working in the yard on a hot winter day. Abita Turbodog tastes more like a good stout suited better for cold winter nights sitting around a fire. I felt like a guy who takes a hot chick home from a bar only to find out post BJ she was a dude.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a great tasting beer. Turbodog is full-bodied with really great flavor. It goes great with steak and potatoes and according to the website goes great with wild game and smoked fish. However, it’s not a beer I could drink a lot of in one sitting and the price is a little steep.


  1. Tim says

    Stout is an ale, I’m thinking that you were thinking Light lager as a “hot day” drink? American Light Lager is the Frat-boy beer of choice, you’d have been far more satisfied…

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