10 Reasons Why Beer Pong Is Not Called Beirut

neon beer pong lightA while back we posted an article on the official rules of Beer Pong. Overall the response was good. However, we kept getting comments and emails from individuals who claimed the proper name for Beer Pong was Beirut. Here is one such comment:

“I really wish the legit drinking websites would stop calling it “Beer Pong”. It’s Beirut, dammit. For those of us that play Beer Pong, to mix up the games is blasphemy. Check this out to get more information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dartmouth_pong” (At least he called us legit)

I rank these people right up there with the hippies that tell me cutting down trees is murder and that I shouldn’t eat meat because animals have rights too. They can all go straight to H E double hockey sticks. I’m an American and I will play Beer Pong on my table made of wood while eating a raw steak. But I digress. This post is about why Beer Pong is not called Beirut. Here is an exhaustive and thoroughly researched list of these reasons.

1. Beirut is a city full of terrorists in Lebanon. There is no such place called Beer Pongadelphia. There is only the game, Beer Pong.

2. If you Google Beirut, the only thing that shows up for several pages are entries about the aforementioned terrorist breeding ground and the Myspace page for a band called “The Beirut Band.” You actually have to search Beer Pong + Beirut to get results of other ass hats calling Beer Pong Beirut.

3. No girl would ever brag to her friends about a one night stand with the dorm Beirut Champion. That’s like saying you had sex with the president of the Glee Club.

chuck norris4. Every time someone calls Beer Pong Beirut, Chuck Norris kills a Lebanese baby. In Beirut.

5. If this were an SAT question it would be: Beirut is to Stephen Hawkings as Beer Pong is to Tony Hawk.

6. People who call it Beirut are just trying to be as cool as the college kids who say “Le Mis,” or “Poly Sci.”

7. Beer companies don’t sponsor “Beirut” tournaments.

8. If you call Beer Pong Beirut, you’re probably a Freshman.

9. The even call it Beer Pong IN Beirut.

10. Calling Beer Pong Beirut is like calling a guy “pretty.


  1. Luka Kramishtlavi says

    Honestly, I find this article disturbing and racist. I have been to Beirut and their nightlife and culture is a million times better and richer than that of the US. NY times said it was the number one place to go in the summer of 2009, and it has been rated as one of the best party cities in a variety of sources. I am a Russian-Jew living in New York, so no bias at all.

    And I know the game to be called Beirut, not beer pong.

  2. Anthony Gregory says

    your an ignorant idiot. ping pong is used with paddles. no why? because the word pong is the only word associated with the use of paddles. remember the video game pong? yep hitting a ball with paddles. therefore, beer pong is a game used with cups, beer and paddles. and it came long before that of throwing ping pong balls into cups. you lose. and damn it feels great.

  3. says

    Attention all commenting readers: First and foremost let me say the compound of “you are” is “you’re” while “your” denotes something belonging to another person of whom you are referring to. Second, please use proper punctuation and capitalization when commenting. Last, but certainly not least, if you insist on beginning your comment by calling me an arrogant idiot, please see the two aforementioned items.

    That is all.

    Love Jimmy

  4. nicolas says

    I like the post but the thing is that its a little bit rascist.See I’m Lebanese and live in Beirut and I know for a fact that there are more terrorists in America than in Beirut.
    Plus we(our army) are the ones that actually fight terrorists on ground zero while your CIA and NETO jacks off trying to figure out how to sell bullshit about Usama Ben Laden while they made him and he is already dead.
    P.S : I’m christian so don’t think that I’m defending that a-hole Usama Ben Laden or his fucking followers.

  5. that one girl says

    Beer pong, people, it’s called beer pong. Ping pong balls and beer. It’s not a difficult concept.

  6. Ckh972 says

    You fucking idiot.. I’m a Lebanese christian living in Beirut. Come to the city for a week and see if you can find your precious terrorists. The city is invaded by crazy drunk people and awesome nightclubs. And if you consider hezbollah terrorists, you’re wrong because i know hundreds of them and all they care about is fighting israel to protect Lebanon.

    Long live Beirut Nightlife and fuck the bad reputations and stereotypes. America should shut the fuck up and visit MY BEAUTIFUL LEBANON before judging it.

  7. yo says

    Jimmy, you are a fucking ignorant racist. You fucking dont know anything about Lebanon so shut the fuck up. And for the record, the bunch of terrorist in Lebanon are not even lebanese you fucking retard, get your facts straight. And US is full of fucking terrorists. Holy crap you’re so ignorant and stupid.

  8. says

    wow.. you are one of those people who should really get your facts straight before speaking on a subject you do not know.. beirut is when you line up cups at each end.. and you throw balls into the other teams cups.. beer pong is the same thing but with paddles.. hence the name.. BEER PONG.. YOU DUMB RACIST FUCK……

  9. LOLjajaja says

    Fuck you fucking faggot retards. Why the FUCK would it be named after a city you dopey shit heads. It is called beer pong. Not beiruit. Why dont you start calling it bumblefuck, where you retards must come from. Yea beer pong can involve paddles, but it can also just be throwing balls into cups. FUCK it has two meanings. If you call it beiruit you are just a shit head freshman pussy gdi faggot.

  10. Jesse says

    It’s beirut. You high school born in 1996 kids probably just call it beer pong. I don’t really care either way… But when I grew up and we played it was beirut. Let me guess, you graduated in 2009 and your almost done with college? Yeah – call it pong beer pong beirut whatever but don’t be billy badass saying stupid shit.

  11. tim says

    it is beirut. it was originally beirut until ignorant jackasses who weren’t invited to play started playing with other losers but didn’t know what it was called so they assumed it was called beer pong. the name beer pong caught on the same was bands like lmfao, bon jovi, maroon 5, and taylor swift have caught on, because the world is full of ignorant jackasses.

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